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Thread: Confidence and diapers... Feeling more confident in a diaper

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    Default Confidence and diapers... Feeling more confident in a diaper

    I have a question I wanted to ask members of both sexes who have to wear diapers for whatever reason- do you feel confident in a diaper? I mean, more confident that you won't have to worry about potential problems from accidents and that you feel more free to enjoy life?

    Since I have been able to wear diapers more often, I've been finding that I feel more confident and worry free about some things and the worries of having to run to the bathroom every time I feel like I have to pee and sometimes almost not make it in time.

    I was wondering if others felt that way in their diapers or not... Just curious about that.


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    Butterfly Mage


    I always feel more confident in diapers. I don't have to worry about little dribbly spots on my pants (which would be confidence-crushing).

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    I think one would feel more confident if they are incontinent, as it helps solve a problem. For me, since I'm not incontinent, if I go out in a diaper, which isn't often, I think I feel less confident, especially if I'm wet. I don't want to be discovered or be offensive. The only time I go out like that is on Saturday when I've been wearing, and we're having pizza for dinner. I'm not ready to change, so I put on a coat and get the food.

    If I'm wearing because I want to feel little, and my wife and I are going to a store, I will feel more in my "little" mind, and more at peace. I'm more relaxed and happy, as opposed to possibly feeling depressed. So though my confidence might not change, my happiness level goes up, and that I enjoy.

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