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Thread: Novel cloth double diapering

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    Default Novel cloth double diapering

    Perhaps everyone who cares has seen this.
    Perhaps no one has the same difficulties as I do.
    But, FWIW, I've been experimenting with approaches to doubling up my cloth diapers and thought I'd share.

    My difficulty is that, even with two layers or even two layers and an insert or two, there is not much coverage on the sides. If I happen to be sleeping on my side when I wet I end up soaking my bed mat. I have the same problems with disposables, but I haven't really tried any but Secure X-Plus (and their regular taped briefs).

    So I've been trying different ways of folding the diapers

    My preferred basic fold is trapezoidal, with the back wider than the front. Usually I've just folded the inner diaper the same way. I also usually use an insert, not so much for absorbency as for ease of clean-up if I mess.

    The alternative I like best is to fold the inner diaper in half diagonally. (The points won't line up, since the diaper is not square.) I then lay this in the outer diaper with the bottom of the triangle aligned with the front end of the diaper. It looks like this:

    I fold the wings in like this:

    so I can pull it between my legs. Then I unfold the wings and tuck them under my sides. I catch the top of the inner diaper with the pins when I fasten it and roll the excess up around the leg openings, which makes a sort of dam. (Somewhat like the jelly-roll fold does.)

    Another alternative, when I'm looking for a little less bulk, is to put a liner in across the diaper like this:

    and tuck the ends in when I'm closing the outside diaper.

    Anyway, these both work well. And feel great---the extra padding on the outside of the legs really increases the diapered feeling for me. I've been wearing for years and I never thought of this before. Don't know why.

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    That looks a lot like the Kite Fold, which is how I do my cloth diapers. And yeah, it works pretty well.

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    I just use a regular fold of my prefold cloths and I never had any problem, even when wetting on my side.
    Sure the side on the hips are thinner, but the main padding is between the leg and front. I use a night cotton prefold in a plastic pant. It's the most secure diaper I ever worn.
    Too bad the plastic pant don't fit me confortably anymore. I've build some muscle mass in my ties.... (o:

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    I just wear a plain flat pre-fold cloth diaper with high back plastic pants when going to bed. The pre-fold has 2 layers on the sides and a total of 10 layers in the centre (back, bettween the legs and front). I sleep either on my side, back or on my tommy. This diaper is very confortable and is virtually leak proof for me.

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