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Thread: My First Diapers

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    Default My First Diapers

    Hi i will be getting my first diapers next week and i just want to know if the diaper TENA Slip Plus are any good.

    If anyone can tell that would be great, if noone knows then if someone knows a place where they might have been review i can please have a link.

    Thank you.

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    From what I know of European Tenas... plus is good... but get the Maxi if you can.

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    the Maxis look a bit seethrough, i dont like diapers that look a bit seethrough in the plastic, or maybe it just looks like that to me, i dont know.

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    see through? Please explain?

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    well besides the core part which is the absorbsant pary the rest of the nappy look seethrough ish to me like the back of it, it cud be just me - - Boys and Girls (adults) who wear diapers : this should be DD's diaper review of the tena slip maxi diaper look at the 1st pic of the back of the diaper outside of the middle part with the purple strip, to me the it looks seethroughish, i dont know maybe its just me

    (btw i aplogize for the delay i had a opticians appoitment, i wear glasses)

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    Oh... I understand now.

    Yes... you can see the padding through the plastic. I could be wrong... but I think most white-colored disposables are that way. I know for a fact that Attends and Abena are. I guess it's all up to personal preference... but honestly I wouldn't let a little thing like that stop me.

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    no... the plastic may be a bit thin... but it's not clear by any means.

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    kl until i thought that the maxi was my first choice and with being in the UK and i can order of the TENA website and get free shipping an they ship within 3 days so i will go with the maxi thnks. BTW while i'm here can you tell me a good place internet wise to get a adult size onesie cuz i want 1.

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    Tena is great ! My blog has the review, hope it can help you

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