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Thread: Finding vintage nappies and other baby items in stores

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    Default Finding vintage nappies and other baby items in stores

    Today i have had a fun day shopping for baby stuff, for me of course! but there's more to my story than simply popping of down the shops and buying a pack of nappies.
    My story starts of a few days ago, cycling home from a reptile hunting mission i spotted something lying on the pavement, it was a dummy, now seeing dummy's lying around is rather common but there was something about this dummy that made me very excited, my dummy id skills immediately took over and i recognized it as being my favorite type of dummy, A Tommee tippee essentials 6-18 months cherry teat dummy for boys I really had to go back and retrieve it, just to confirm i was right, but it was near a bus stop and someone was in the bus stop, i didnt want them to see me picking up a old discarded dummy, so i cycled around a bit and went back but the person was still there, i waited a bit longer but in the end i got so fed up waiting i decided i was going to get the dummy and to hell with the person, so what if they saw me i'm not breaking any law. So i went and got it, the person either did not notice or just chose not to say anything, after retreiving it i went to the nearby park to have a look and had a little surprise, although i was right on what type of dummy it was, it had a different pattern on the ring holding blob (i dunno what the correct term is for that!) as far as i knew those dummies only have a teddy bear head or a puppy head but this has rather less cute design, it was just blue circles.
    But i was still very excited to find it becuase that particular make of dummy has been discontinued, last year there was a few available in the 99p store so i got every single pack but there was only 2 packs and they never restocked them after that so i was forced to buy a lot from eBay, the seller knew they were discontinued and was selling them at ridiculously high prices, although cheaper than buying a NUK 5 and because i really do like that dummy i decided to pay the price and stocked up on several packs (they come in packs of 2) so the reason i was so excited to find this dummy was that it either meant someone else had a fondness for this particular dummy but it was more likely that there was somewhere nearby that had some for sale, my first thought was maybe the 99p store which had them in last year. Today I was feeling rather bored and thought maybe I'll go and check out that store and see if they do have them but i had another plan to.
    Some years ago i saw a pack of the older style Pampers in a chemist in Bishopstoke, a village not far from me, I wont call them vintage but they were certainly a older style and had the old Pampers logo, they are called Pampers premium and i think it was these that started of the cloth feel cover era of nappies, yuck!
    Being a fan of vintage nappies i often thought about buying one of those packs, as i said they are not truly vintage but they were vintage enough for me to be temped to get them, but i never got round to it and then i decided that they were probably gone now.
    Today i had nothing better to do so i decided maybe they might still be there, after all they sell the new Pampers and most parents are gonna go for those not old fashioned nappies, and i seriously doubted there are any other vintage nappy enthusiasts living nearby. I was feeling lazy so decided to get the bus instead of cycle but there was a few minutes to spare so i decided to look in the 1 store near the bus station (not the 99p store i mentioned earlier) and guess what, there were 2 packs of those dummies i wanted! so that's where they came from, well the 99p store may have some as well I need to check that out. the patterns although not as cute as the teddy and puppy are almost as if they were made for me, one has stars and the other one which has what i described as circled i recon they are supposed to be planets, that's just how my brain works, it might be just start shapes and circle shapes but to me they are stars and planets, perfect for an astronomy loving baby! So i got those and then went and got the bus, theres a stop almost right outside the chemist, so i just got of walked across the road and then i was there and to my surprise the old Pampers were still there, 2 packs, they had been there so long that the print was fading on the package at the front so i got the one behind it which was in slightly better condition although it certainly is showing signs of age! despite its age it was still rather pricey, i had thought maybe as its old stock they might sell it for cheap but i was wrong, still cheaper than the vintage nappies I've seen on eBay though, although those are truly vintage. after returning home i was so eager to have a closer look to see if maybe they were still plastic backed, i was 99% sure they would be cloth covered but that 1% of me hoped that maybe they were the last of the plastic backed, sadly they were cloth covered, but it was nice to see the old familiar "pampy bears" on the front, that was Pampers own unique character before they just started becoming advertisements for Disney or Sesame street and fisher price. they have a nice snuggly lilac (almost like they were aimed more for girls) foamy stretch waist band at the front and back and they were thinner than i thought they might be but still not as thin as the newer pampers. I was interested to see what the interior was like compared to a modern nappy, so i dissected one they seems to be no ADL (acquisition distribution layer) which is the green colored patch seen in the new pampers and also seems to be slightly more wood pulp and less AGM, in the modern nappies if you dissect them the agm (absorbent gelling material, or squishy fun) crystals all fall out and feel all grainy but there was no graininess, and no crystals fell out, just nice fluffy wood pulp, there will be agm present but i suspect its sandwiched in between 2 layers of the pulp. I noticed the pack says they are best before 2 years after production, who knew nappies have a best before date by date! the date is printed on the side panel and they were not as old as i thought they might be, those Pampers premiums came out when i was still living in my old flat which was over 7 years ago and I'm sure they had been around at least a few years before i left that flat but these are dated at 2006 so maybe they were the last of the premiums, and probably the last nappies to use the old logo and pampy bears :-( stil they are past there best before date so maybe if i decided to go and get the other pack i want them cheaper as they are past there use by date! I noticed during the dissection that the wood pulp has faint orangey pinkish coloured patches, i wonder if that's where the wood pulp has started going moldy or something, its certainly not the pure white of new wood pulp. another odd thing i noticed are 2 small squares of plasticy material with a textured surface on each of the front side panels above and further back from there the tapes would attach, i dunno what the purpose of those were! anyway I hope you enjoyed reading about my little shopping trip! here are some pics of what i got.

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    Awesome find! I know for a fact our local 99c store sells two-packs of plastic backed baby diapers :3

    You'd be amazed at all the vintage stuff I find in $1 stores.

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