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Thread: Ever wet in class?

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    Default Ever wet in class?

    Has anyone ever wet there diaper in class and what was the outcome? for me i tried 3 times, (they are just not my thing). the first 2 times it was realy hard to start peeing well in class, dispite the need to realy pee, so all that came out was just enuff to make my diaper not even damp. the 3rd time i was just walking around on the school campus heading back to my doorm room (collage) and i wet my diaper well walking (after drinking 2 water bottles of water so i realy had to pee) well guess what; i leaked. luckly it was late and i just put the water bottle over my pants where i leaked and just pretened it was the water bottle leaking but i walked by at least 20 people who could of seen it.

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    Not since being an *B/DL, but I had an accident in class when I was nine, and the most awkward month afterwards

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    I never wet in class but I did wet in the lunch line. I was wearing underjams and it leaked. luckily my pants didnt get wet it just went down my leg

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    And your face according to your emoticon!

    I did a few times, but I won't ever again. Too much risk, especially when sitting. I do wear diapers to school sometimes, but I won't wet.

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    I had to give a speech in class one day. So I wanted to see if I could wet while standing and talking in front of the whole class. I wore some really lose fitting pants with a jacket over those and had on 2 diapers and plastic pants just in case. I did it and afterwards I think some girls were laughing at me. Not sure if they could tell or not.

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    no and I hope I never do, that would be really embaressing, I use the toilet at school and other times when I'm not wearing a diaper.

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    wetting in class can be a little nervewracking at first. first off, id recommend to do it when the teacher is talking and not when the classroom is dead silent. also, wear a REALLY absorbent diaper. ive made this mistake more than once. bad experience.

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    Well since I'm IC I don't have a chioce but hey you get use to it. But some advise never purposely mess in class everyone can smell it.

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    Yes i did pee in my diaper,once in english my diaper felt damp

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    Yeah. I mean, not all in one go, that would be suicide, but yeah, loads of times.

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