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Thread: Got a massage only wearing a diaper!!!!

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    Default Got a massage only wearing a diaper!!!!

    So I finally got enough courage to get a massage only wearing a diaper. I was on holiday with the Mrs. in the Caribbean and thought we'd hit the spa. We spent the entire day drinking on the beach so I had a perfect excuse for the Mrs. as to why I would put on a diaper for the massage. Anyways, when the masseuse left the room I stripped off my shorts and boxers all the way down to just my diaper and I hopped under the covers. I pretended as if nothing was out of the ordinary and talked away the entire massage and she never mentioned the diaper at all. I did notice that when she told me to roll over she held the blanket up so she could get a clear view of my entire body and totally starred right at my diaper. Later that holiday we hit the spa again but this time I was sober. I had the same masseuse and I told her upfront that I was wearing a diaper. She said not a problem and ask if I was "well?" I said yes and that I have a weak bladder sometimes. I said that I usually only wear at night but that I wanted to be able to fully relax and have nothing to worry about with her pushing and pulling on my body. She asked me several questions while she began to massage me but then changed the subject eventually to small talk. Anyways, it was one of the biggest thrills ever. I'm trying to figure out a way to have my Mrs. let me wear to spa here back home. I think she would flip out if I ever wore in “public” though since I only wear at night a few times a week. Any ideas?!?!?!
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    I'm sorry, and I hope this doesn't sound rude, but in my belief, I personally don't think its appropriate to expose others to our fetish, or involve others unwittingly or unwillingly at any level.

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    Exposing others to your fetish and saying you have a medical problem has resulted in convictions in the past.


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    Don't worry about the hyper drama.

    You would only be convicted if you engaged in sexual acts because of your deception in regards to the "artifact" of your fetish. You engaged in a massage while wearing a diaper and never once (I am assuming) asked the technician to go beyond the normal scope of a massage, so don't worry about it.

    Now if you said "I have a diaper fetish and getting a massage from you while I am in a diaper is a hot fantasy of mine" That may be a little inappropriate. But following the the above points, I would almost argue that we expose people to our fetish just by purchasing incontinence products for pleasurable use.

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    I agree with Fragarch. There was a thread on here a few months ago on this subject. I believe that as long as you are in a fresh diaper and you don't do anything strange, then it's fine. Massage therapists are used to situations like these and are trained to handle them professionally.

    Personally, I would make a small note to the therapist about it up front. If you feel uncomfortable about lying, you don't have to list why. But if not for your diaper, they would most likely be seeing you naked.. Is that much weirder? Especially under the assumption that a medical issue is the cause of your diapered state.

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    I agree. People here seem to be way too over-dramatic. Congratulations to the OP for a unique experience. Good luck in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinobaby View Post
    I agree. People here seem to be way too over-dramatic. Congratulations to the OP for a unique experience. Good luck in the future.
    I could not agree more. The OP obviously got a kick out of the experience, but as long as he wasn't touching himself there at the same time etc. (which I doubt he was) then there was really no harm done.

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    Like most people have responded, as long as there were no lewd actions, then it's A-ok IMO. It's harmless and the masseuse really has no right to be uncomfortable if they're a professional. If you're IC and legitimately need a diaper, then that's really no different (the masseuse won't know the difference unless you tell them). You should be aloud to wear one if you want to, especially since it will make the whole experience that much better. It sounds like a great experience that I'll have to try some time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud View Post
    But if not for your diaper, they would most likely be seeing you naked.. Is that much weirder?

    I would wear a diaper, probably without even thinking, for 2 reasons.

    1. I don't think i could relax being naked around a complete stranger. That's just me.

    2. I wear 24/7 and being UNdiapered feels... wrong... I think it would throw me off a little, and I wouldn't be able to enjoy the massage.

    Congrats to the OP for having the guts to do it.

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    Butterfly Mage


    While the OP didn't do anything illegal or immoral, I'm not a big fan of making other people uncomfortable on purpose. It would be a totally different thing if the OP had incontinence.

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