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    My first time ever buying Bambinos (Classico) And they were amazing, I loved them so much that I wore one for a whole day and then some. But that was my mistake.

    I ended up with a terrible bought of diaper rash that's lasted my 3 days and is still going (Although fading.) I tried a lot of things, baby oil, and Vaseline but ouch, ouch does it ever hurt to touch. It seems to be ebbing down a lot now after a nice cold shower but I've certainly learned not to stay in my diapers too long that's for sure.

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    Remember, hygiene is key! Especially for us who like to wear diapers.

    Make sure you are changing often, letting your skin breathe, avoid tight diapers, avoid anything scented (wipes, lotion etc.) and try avoid plastic covers until it clears up.

    You should be using some rash cream that has zinc oxide.

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    Ouch, sorry to hear that.
    I´ve never had to experience the burning pain of a rash myself but it sounds, to say the least. Since you´re on the road to recovery already, there´s not much to say...
    what doesn´t kill you makes you stronger... pain is the harbinger of wisdom.....a burning butt in a diaper is better than a burning diaper in your butt......what?...

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    Yikes! Well, happens to all of us at some point.

    Anyway, it's amazing what Desitin and staying diapered can do for a rash. (Desitin is a pretty messy cream, so realistically you don't want to use it without a diaper.) In my experience, it'll shorten the duration of a rash by about half. Make sure you either buy one of the scents that is NOT the original variety, or buy one of the competitors like the Aveena. Original Desitin smells like rotting fish.

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    When I was a baby my mother left me at the care of a baby sitter who would not change my diaper at night and holy crap I had a very awful diaper rash and think about being a 1+ year old with that kind of a rash. It took weeks before I could heal up and my parents NEVER hired that baby sitter EVER again and told the WHOLE neighborhood and community about it and such. That Teenagers parents probably grounded her and gave her much hell over it too. But one thing was for sure I had much better baby sitters after that one.

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    Clean well before you get padded, and between changes clean it thoroughly or shower if necessary. There have been times when I had real bad rashes and they do take weeks to fully heal. You can use rash prevention cream in future, they certainly help me but don't over estimate them.

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    Mmn, thanks for all your help guys. When I got back to my own house I made sure I was all clean and found some actual diaper rash cream. It's certainly feeling much, much better now. <3

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