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    Default Greetings :)

    Hey guys, I'm phantom. To be honest, I signed up for adisc quite a while ago, but had forgotten about this site. Im a new uni student experiencing life on his own and the freedoms that comes with it, and I'm here to just relax and talk with people who know where you're coming from
    I love climbing (only done it once in a diaper though, and that didn't work out well, hiking, biking, kayaking, basically anything outdoors. Reading, relaxing, and the good ol' outdoors are part of the perfect balance for me, and I think balance is one of the most important aspects to a healthy life!

    See you all around

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    Welcome to the site, and I hope you get to know some people who have the same intrests as you. Have fun and don't be to shy to post and get involved (I know I usually am).

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    Well hi there! Welcome to ADISC, i hope you make tons of friends here and enjoy the wonderful people of this site as much as i have!

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    Welcome to ADISC, phantombrave!

    I'm glad you found us again. I can't say I do all those outdoors activities, but I do love to be outside. I work on a golf course for a living, and you gotta love the outdoors to do that. And boy do I love my job! I'm also glad to find someone who says reading instead of videogames. I love to read, much more fun than games. If you are into Sci-Fi or Fantasy, I have some great ones, and If you like thrillers, I'm a big fan of Naval/Political books.

    Please don't forget about us again!

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    Welcome return. Yes, there is a wonderful feeling of freedom when you branch out alone for the first time. This and your outdoor interests should make a perfect combination. Good luck with your course.

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