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    I recently went to the movies with my sister, and had to hop and go to the loo half way through never good at $20 a pop. it never occurred to me before finding this site that a nappy is a great fix to this problem!

    Being a girl hiding it isn't a prob, I'll just wear skirt tights and tummy sucker in pants, but I'd love to know how to 'set up?' to pee sitting etc, not make it obvious, and do I need plastic pants?

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    I don't know exactly what u mean by not making it obvious... I've worn diapers to the movies many times and it is a great way to avoid "potty breaks" lol. I don't know about plastic pants as I've never worn them. I think when you need to go bad enough its not that hard to just "let go" and I find that I don't need to move much at all. But then; I wear 24/7, so I don't know if this really helps any.

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    Hi beeeblebum. It is indeed very handy! I have done this a handful of times. Just make sure you are in a secure nappy. I find myself letting it trickle bit by bit when in public, in fear of flooding and leaking into jeans. Your suggested outfit sounds very safe though. Nobody would ever know.
    Do it next time, and enjoy! Might make a boring film more fun!

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    75% of the time I go to the movies, I wear a diaper.
    th 25% of the time is when I'm with someone and don't have the opportunity to go change.

    I'd say it's a must, because you can imerse in the movie without feeling the need to pee.

    Peeing sitting down must be practiced. The first timers will have a hard time doing it.

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    I have yet to try this, but the thought of it leaves me a tad bit excited. Skirt or maybe one of those really long hoodies...

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    Plastic pants are a good idea. Peeing sitting down is a recipe for leaks,

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    I like going to the cinema with a nappy on. One time it did leak but fortunately, only a little and reason was why it leaked is because I wasn't sitting correctly. I only get padded when I go alone, when Im friends I get dragged through town to go to pubs.

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