Hello all ! Fellow diaper user here. I probably use for different reasons then most people on here in that I am partially incontinent. I know what your thinking... why do you hang out around AB and DL forums? well... Its great to talk to other people who use diapers for hints, tricks, and reviews. I also like to give advise on how to wear and use diapers discreetly in public.... because.. well... I have to and have learned a lot through the years. I have a youtube channel and a website devoted to diapers and how to use them.... and would like to dispell some rumors I have read on here. Like: you will get an infection and die if you sit in poopy diapers. This is rubish. As long as you properly put your diaper on with the right stuff you can sit in poop all day and be just fine. Babies have been doing it since the begining of time. More on that in the future. Did I mention its posible to make your poop not stink.. at all? As an incontinent person I feel I have a lot to ad to this community.

I only have to use diapers at night or occasionally in the day but not all the time. I am not handicap, 36 years old, and only bowel incontinent.. which is a rare combination. (Dont think your Evil Conevil on a motorcyle and you wont have my problem).

I have grown to accept diapers. I may not love them or get sexual satisfaction through them but I am an open person and I love hearing from ABs or DLs and giving them advise or getting advise..... as we both have diapers in common.