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Thread: My First Full Week in Diapers

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    After I moved out of the dorms and into an apartment, I felt as though I would NEVER get alone time. I was fearful that I wound not get to do what I am doing now, until I was older and owned my own home. But luck would have it that Spring Break here at this university is VERY long, comparatively, and my roommate would be out of town, thousands of miles away for the entirety of it.

    So I began to plan. After much thought I had ordered a bag of Bellissimos from Bambino, a sample of the Teddies, and a pack of 30 Quatro Booster Pads. I will be spending nine days in my new purchases. It is something I have never had the nerve to do, nor the place to do it. Now, though, I have a house to myself, and a week of free time.

    I will be trying new things that I have never done before, all whilst keeping a strict policy of secrecy of my endeavor; aside from this post, of course. I would gladly appreciate anything that is fun to do while wearing (keep it PG ) and keep in mind of my desire of secrecy. I will post things I do and events that take place on this thread as the night comes to a close.

    My first act of duty was to take a shower, relax, turn down the lights, and put on my most favorite of garments. My second is to see what I can do about wetting whilst in a relaxing, deep sleep. The rest is up to your suggestions, and my willingness to perform them.

    I look forward to the suggestion and comments!


    Update #1

    Woke up at 4:00 AM because I couldn't sleep. I guess I was just too excited... or I was that Monster energy drink I had a couple hours ago to 'kick-start' my experience.

    I decided to No.2 while laying in bed. This was my first time and I can't say it was something that I enjoy, but it was exciting and different. I will have to get use to it because this week I will do my best to stay diapered 24/7; no bathroom breaks. I changed a few minutes after I did this; the Bambino did a VERY good job masking the smell, at least for the short while I experienced. The diaper makes a pretty good seal to prevent air from transferring, among other things.

    This was also the first time I ever went straight from one diaper to another, after a shower of course. I usually only ever had sample packs of Bambinos or a full pack of Goodnites, so I was either saving my larger diapers for special occasions, or I didn't really get to enjoy using my Goodnites like I do with larger diapers. Either way I must say it is interesting to get out of one diaper and into another. I feel more secure and snug with them on, and lost with them off.

    Anyways that is just update/diaper #1; 17 more to go and 7 days to use them! I get my Quatro Booster Pads in the mail tomorrow, but I will have to wait until it gets dark before I make the trek to the P.O. box. I guess I am still VERY nervous about going out in public, but we will see how that develops as time progresses.


    Update #2

    I greatly enjoyed my all-day-venture in my nice clean diaper. I finally got to sleep and woke up just before noon. I, feeling the pain of not having eaten for a day, decided to go grab a bit of food; all whilst facing my public phobia. I also used the trek to go and pick up my Quatro Booster Pads from my P.O. Box. It was a pleasant thrill to walk around with it on, but I also made sure to wear a pair of shorts over it, and a pair of baggy sweat pants over that. I wanted to be sure not to accidentally expose myself, even in such a short trip. After I grabbed my package from the locker, I drove to get some fast food. I am not one to eat fast food, but I needed to check an event off my list. I wanted to use my diaper while I was driving, and the drive-through was perfect!

    When I got home I pulled out some more diapers from the case and opened them up. I pre-packed them with TWO boosters, one connected to each end of the diapers. I know it may sound wasteful, but I only ordered a limited number of diapers, and only have a limited time to use them. Regardless, I love the boosters! They add considerable bulk to the diaper, and I stored the newly padded ones in a place where they could expand before their use.

    I was happy to use my diaper for the remainder of the day, and just as I was needing to change I decided to mark another event off my list. I have always wanted to wear a diaper in the shower (after solely wetting it mind you), and this was certainly an interesting experience. The diaper held SO much, the tapes began to pop on one side. After a few minutes, the diaper swelled to such a considerable size that it finally fell to the floor of the tub. Now this was interesting when I first began to do it, but there was so much weight that the sides split and the gel from the SAP spilled out. Just a friendly warning to anyone wanting to do this, don't keep the water on the diaper for too long and what ever you do, don't let it get so heavy that it falls off. It is impossible to pick up the diaper without it breaking apart, leaving behind a real mess of gel. That stuff WILL clog your drain, also, but I was lucky to clean it all up before it made it's way to my drain.

    I dried off for a few minutes and finally got to jump into my diaper with the Quatro Booster Pads in them. Like I said before, I greatly enjoy them! They add a very nice bit of padding to an already well padded diaper, and it even provides a feeling or more structure. I also must say that I am becoming quite proficient at putting my diaper on. before the diaper would be disproportionate and have gaps which would require me to un-tape and re-tape it to fit; this greatly reduced the lifespan of the tapes. This time, though, I had a near perfect fit! I am not sure yet, but I might head to the movies tonight. It should be fun, but I am still nervous.


    Update #3

    This one is a short one... Lets just say that the fast food was a bad idea, I had to do an emergency bathroom break rule violation, and that I won't be doing that again. I am strictly a wetter, yeah the other is just not me

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    Awesome... That is all.
    And jealous... Lots and lots of it!!!
    Have a fun week

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    I will, thanks Balto. It is good to get away from parents and a town that knows your face. I am even more excited about this summer. I won't be able to wear full time because of undergraduate research, but afternoons, nights and weekends I will have the house to myself for three months!

    ---------- Post added at 11:44 ---------- Previous post was at 07:09 ----------

    Update #1 is up. Any relatable experiences or thoughts? Feel free to share!


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    To get the fear of public outsing off you, you should go shopping in diaper. Make sure your pant's don't make your butt ovious. You will discover that people don't give a damn about you and your diaper and it does not show.

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    You are very lucky! Have a great time being able to wear diapers around the clock. Don't be nervous about being in public, as long you cover them up NO ONE will notice the crinkles. People don't look around to see who is wearing a diaper or not, that's one of the last things that people would think when noticing something a little off about someone.

    With dirty diapers, at least once during the week i would suggest drinking a glass of prune juice or something natural to make sure you are fully emptying. Most of us can't fully relive ourselves into our diapers, which can lead to constipation.

    Have Fun!

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    I agree with whats been said. Dont be affraid to wear them out in public.. Ive been doing it for 18 years and not once has anybody said anything. In fact Its possible to wear a wet poopy diaper and not have it stink. Its probably to late seeing as you only have 8 days left.. but next time order some of this: , purchase some PVC diaper covers (in case of a leak) , plenty of diaper cream, a slash of baby powder and you will be ready to enjoy a dirty diaper anywhere without anybody knowing.

    A little video I made on topic :

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    Always great to hear (read) a positive story, congrats!

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    Thanks everyone, I am glad you enjoy my writing! Update #2 is up now!


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    I can remember that first time having the house to one's self and being able to do what ever one wants in a diaper.

    You asked for some ideas and this is what I would do. I would take a long soaking bath in the tub with bubble bath. I would light some candles and have some music playing. Towards the end I would do what little kids do in the bath tub and pee. It made me feel little and naughty. If it's not your thing, that's okay too. Just an idea.

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    oh thats always fun to do! i remember the first time i did that. congrats!

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