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Thread: My Introduction, My life, and My Best Week Ever

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    Default My Introduction, My life, and My Best Week Ever

    First off I would like to introduce myself. I have been lurking around your site for a while and found it to be a very nice community. I feel as though the real life experiences people share here are directly from my own book of life. I fell happy to share with you what will be best week of my current life.

    I am about to spill my life story to you so be gentle...

    I found that I was a DL when I was still young. I didn't know why, but I would always wet the bed. I had to wear Pull-Ups until I was in my pre-teens, and wet the bed even into my very young teenage years. When I finally grew out of it I felt confused. They had been apart of my life for so long I didn't know what to do. I gradually delved into the internet, first finding a picture of what looked like a woman in a diaper. Even though it wasn't, the picture was just too small to notice, I wondered if such a thing could ever actually exist.

    Sure enough I found ABDL websites where tens of thousands of people, just like me, had formed tight-knit communities where they could watch out for each other. Though this was great to see I never really got the chance to experience the same thing they so happily did. So I began to search for such happiness.

    Over the years I acquired whatever I could scrounge up from my 'past life'. I found an unused Pull-Up under my sink from when I used to store them there for the convenience of my younger self. I found two more in my camper, for when I needed protection overnight in the outdoors. Finally I found three large sized baby diapers in my grandparents house that I would use when I was there. These were neat to put on, though they didn't fit so I would have to use my underwear as a structure, but they didn't give me what I wanted, security.

    When I finally got into college I was excited, but diapers were not the first thing I thought about. I had roommates, small classes, and the college was in a town right next to mine, only a few miles away. I didn't fell like I had gotten far enough from home to do anything...

    That all changed when I was introduced to my second roommate. He, to simply state it, annoying. Not a single person could stand him, but we couldn't really put our finger on it as to why. Ultimately, as the second semester came to a close, I found myself driven crazy by my roommate, my classes, and the urge to get away from it all. One evening I woke up and drove around town; I finally decided that this night was the night I would do what I wanted, others' opinions be dammed. I thought up a plan to buy a pack of Goodnites from the local store, but everyone in that small college was there at every hour of the night, except at the crack of dawn.

    This was when I was going to make my move; I waited patiently until 5:00 to strike. I walked in casually to buy some normal college gear. Soap, deodorant, and mouth-rinse filled my arms as I went to check out. As she rang me up I picked my phone out of my pocket and 'answered' it. A few "ok"s and "uh huh"s and then the big question "Yeah I am at the store now, why? ... Sure I guess I can get them for her but will she pay me back?"

    I looked at my cashier and asked her if she could wait just a second, I needed to get something. I dashed back to the diaper aisle and scanned the selection as quickly as possible. I couldn't find Goodnites! My plan seemed ruined, but I was able to quickly recover and buy a pack of generic ones. I ran back and checked out, still on the phone muttering "ok", "No its fine.", "I'll just drop them off to her on my way there."

    After I escaped I felt a THRILL! I was so excited I got back to my car and drove away as fast as I could. On the road I opened up the bag and found that they were HUGE. Longer than anything I had imagined for 5+ years. I got back to my room, still dark outside, and climbed my bunk. I was determined, so I put them on under the covers, as quietly as I could since my roommate was still asleep on the opposite side of the room. When I finally got them on they were not as comfortable as I would have hoped, but I knew it was because I was wearing generic ones. I slipped on my sweat pants, got out of bed again and got on my bike.

    I rode around the entire town, miles of roads. I went all day with my diaper and my bike, and at around 3:00 I stumbled into my dorm where others were watching T.V. . I sat next to them and they asked how my Final Exam Reviews were going, I told them I wasn't going to them, and that I was more confident about my finals this semester than I had ever been about finals in my life.

    This one event kick-started my entire life. I avoided roommates the remaining year and a half while I was there, I increased my confidence in my purchases of diapers (and other things such as school work and my social life), opened a P.O. Box; ordered; and tried my first adult diaper, and finally made it to where I am now. Working on a Bachelor's degree, preparing for graduate school, and enjoying one of the best weeks of my life, I have not looked back.

    Thank you for such a neat community, great people, and your attention for the duration of your reading my diapered life.

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    Doubtful - thank you for sharing this. Although I was never a bed wetter I can certainly remember sharing much the same feelings as you, and my first purchase went something similar to yours.

    I am very glad you made it happen, and wish you lots of fun in your diapers. I will not waste more of your time, and will hand the mic to the more creative members here, with regards to ideas of things to do in your diapers. Just enjoy them. Wear them. Use them.

    All the best with your Bachelor's degree and graduate school also! Diapers will be useful when times become more stressful (just need to send your roommate home more often!)

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    Thanks Soaking, and also thanks for moving this thread, I didn't really know where to put it; it is kind of a mix of both I suppose.


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    Great post, thanks for sharing! Sounds an awful lot like my story and inspired me to register and post on here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle4k1987 View Post
    Great post, thanks for sharing! Sounds an awful lot like my story and inspired me to register and post on here.
    Really glad to hear it. I know how you feel about the inspiration to get online. I read countless stories others posted and decided that I experienced the same things. There is obviously a heavy correlation to the events of late-childhood/early-teens that influences these specific passions.


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    Hi, Doubtful! Glad you're here. I believe you can continue to be helpful to many more folks who post here. There are many of us who, at one time or another, thought we were nuts. It's so good to share common experiences and insights. Welcome, and I look forward to your contributions to come. What are some of your hobbies and other things you enjoy?

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    Thanks Bach, I am glad that my insights help others, just as others' insights have helped me. As for hobbies, I fix electronics, study things outside of my curriculum, and I am an avid video game / computer enthusiast. Other than that I am a full time student working towards my ultimate goal of a PhD. So far everything seems to be working out well.


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