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Thread: Need help with my iphone 3gs

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    Default Need help with my iphone 3gs


    I have an iPhone 3GS

    I currently have a contract with O2 in the UK, although its now on a month to month basis, and I have had the phone unlocked.

    I am abroad for a bit, and would like to use a local service provider rather than pay for international calls.

    I recently went and bought a prepaid sim card from Vodafone. I ahve inserted the new sim card, synced with itunes, but it is just saying no signal?

    Any ideas?

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    Try going to "Settings", "General", "Reset", "Reset Network Settings". Hopefully that will clear the O2 settings and load the Vodafone ones.

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    The one thing i will ask is when you synced it with iTunes, did it actually unlock the iPhone? It can be a bit temperamental when unlocking them. I work in a telecommunication retail shop (when I'm not studying at uni) and i have had several people come in with similar problems. All i have done to do it is to resync with iTunes until you see it pop up with the initial set-up again (you won't lose your music or apps or anything). As i said, there is just sometimes a delay in apple whitelisting your device ID number (and this just means that apple recognises your phone is unlocked and so removes the extra stuff your initial carrier has on it).

    Basically, give it another sync with the new sim card in and see if it will trip the unlock. Ive had customers come to me after getting a new SIM and tell me their iPhone isn't working with the new SIM and i have just plugged it into our computer and it has been enough to trip the unlock. Hopefully you get it sorted. Otherwise go in and see vodafone to see if they can help you out

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