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    Right so my chemist mixed up my prescription somehow and instead of getting my usual which was a case of tena slips.

    I got 1 bag of tena flex and I really don't get why anybody thought that a belt on a diaper would work, they also seemed to have changed from plastic to cloth but I've never tried these before.

    Was going to return them and get my usual but curiosity got the best of me and trying out on a trial bases.

    Just wondering if anybody else has tried them?

    Sent from my xperia play.

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    I trialled them when they first launched and found the early ones leaked really easily and the belt thingy wicked embarrassingly. I believe the Flex range has always been cloth backed though when launched didn't have the 3 levels of absorbency.

    Fingers crossed they work well for you!

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    I have used them in the day when I know I can change if needed - the higher capacity ones work quite well for short/medium term use and I like the convenience and ease of changing. I would agree they are no where near as secure or l"long lasting" as Tena Slips - but for moderate output they are still pretty good. I think it is important noy to use too small a size and probably because of my own peculiar shape have never had any problems from the top band leaking - but there again I wouldn't wear what i consider to be a "not totally secure" diaper to bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XperiaHusky View Post

    Just wondering if anybody else has tried them?
    yep. they're really for females (no protection up front), but you can wear them back-to-front for more padding where you need it. of course, the downside to that is that you may feel there's not enough protection around the bum if you wet it loads; to account for this, i wear a triple-layered pull-up terry-towelling 'diaper' over the tena flex and plackies over that. bulky, but that's how it should be.
    other than the size and shape issues, they're quite absorbant for what they are. and given their 'flaws', you can often pick them up cheap.

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    They've always been cloth, I believe. I've had a pack like 5 years ago when they were new, mostly out of curiosity (and because the pack was dirt cheap on Ebay). I guess I got what I paid for, because no only is the concept of putting them on rather weird, but it was also the only diaper that's ever managed to leak on me during the first wetting, most likely because I wore it to bed. The diaper is only really useful for daytime activities when standing up and when worn under some tight underwear. It sags quite a bit (unless you're in expert in using that weird belt thingy), has an odd fit with gaps between diaper and legs, and I don't think it's quite as maxi as a Tena Slip Maxi in the absorbency department.


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    ade, where did you get your triple layered terry towelling pull ups from ?
    (i wear a triple-layered pull-up terry-towelling 'diaper' over the tena flex).
    The place I used to get mine from has stopped making them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiddles View Post
    ade, where did you get your triple layered terry towelling pull ups from ?
    (i wear a triple-layered pull-up terry-towelling 'diaper' over the tena flex).
    The place I used to get mine from has stopped making them.
    i got mine from (Bullens at Liverpool). their website isn't coming up anymore, is that the same place as you got yours?
    been thinking about trying Arizona's towelling products if i can't get anymore anywhere else.

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    i have tried them before and like others are saying they are great for during the day when you are out and about but definitely not nights. on the whole I quite like them really better than boots ones anyways

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    Hello friends.
    I must say I agree with all that is said above. I can only remember them being cloth outer. They will indeed work best for girls, but as a guy, you can make things a great deal safer by 'pointing down' when you lift the front bit up to the belt. I would also not wear-to-use to bed, as the side protection is much weaker than the slip range.
    I have only used the maxi absorb level, and remember it to be quite good, if used gradually over time, and it a standing/seated position (as a male).

    I like to try new diapers, so I would not mind getting a pack by accident. They are easier to hide under a pair of jeans.

    Good luck and make the most of them XperiaHusky!

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    I like them, though I got to admit and agree with ade they are really for females but they fit me perfect. When they get proper wet it will become quite saggy, surprisingly the belt is durable and holds it. The reason I got them is because of the cloth type. The ones that were originally released have been improved since then.

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