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Thread: What would be the best value?

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    Default What would be the best value?

    I'm sure this question has been asked a few times at least, but I'm wondering a little something.

    For those of you who remember it, there was a thread I posted awhile back where I was worried about not liking diapers, despite having dreamt of the day I could put myself back into them. Well, I went on to try the Dry 24/7's, and they were so much better to me than the Abena M4's and M2's. However, of the Abenas, I preferred the thinner kind because it held less and didn't clump as much. So all in all, despite a quick scare, I genuinely enjoyed my first time.

    Back on topic, though, my supply is getting low and I may have to order some more in the near future. I LOVED the Dry 24/7's beyond description, but they are quite pricey, and I probably won't be able to get some until I become a little less of a broke college student. So I want to decide on a cheaper diaper that fits my needs, and that I can enjoy.

    (I am not looking for cloth, though, so ix-nay those suggestions)

    I want it to be able to hold up to at least just one moderate-to-heavy wetting. If it holds no more than that, that's just fine, I can deal with it. I want it to not clump like the Abenas, but swell, more like the Dry 24/7's. I don't care about pull-up or tape-up, nor do I care about thickness, so long as it fits the aforementioned criteria. (Hell, if it's thin enough to wear around campus, sign me up) It should also be able to be ordered online; I'm not going to the store to get them.

    I've heard Tranquility ATN's are really good for the value, and I've heard Depends are not so much. Does anyone have some cheap/affordable suggestions for me? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KuuKuu View Post
    I've heard Tranquility ATN's are really good for the value
    I'll just say I'm very happy with mine. I can't say I fully know the difference between "clumping" and "swelling"(as my ATNs are my first pack of diapers ever) so in that field I'm pretty useless but as for wetting, it can hold one moderate to heavy wetting... and more. For me, it held, what I would judge as 1 heavy and 2 moderate wettings before it leaked. Wearing around campus, I wouldn't recommend. They crinkle like crazy. I don't own any briefs, so the best I could try to muffle the sound was boxers and jeans and it helped but not enough to make it unnoticeable. Happy hunting!

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    The clumping feeling is where it feels like parts of the gel that absorbs the wetness have swollen while others are still dry and not as squishy. Like cat litter, basically. Swelling is just a general increase in size and such, starting in the area where the wetting started and moving away from that. :P

    I'll keep the ATN's in mind though.

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    All 3 have different features and benefits. The ATN is nice during the day and with a soaker I will get a lot of use out of it today. The Dry 24/7 cost a lot more than the Abena M4. Just stock up on all 3 when you can.

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    id actually recommend getting an ebay account. you can almost always find abenas on there for a relativley cheap price. sometimes molicares (i actually just got a case for $25, $50 with shipping, instead of the normal $80 or so), and sometimes tenas. if you want help finding a good retailer, message me.

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    It sounds to me that you like diapers with a high SAP content (the SAP causes the swelling) vs. high pulp content. Pulp absorbs fast, but has less absorbency for it's thickness.

    If you don't mind it not being plastic backed, I'd recommend taking a look at Tena Supers.

    Also, I'd recommend staying away from Molicares. They absorb well but don't swell much.

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    Cheap diapers that I really enjoy are the Kendall Simplicity Plus, they're thicker than Depends & Attends waistband brief and they have one tape for side, so for a plain adult diaper it still feels babyish because of the one tape per side. It also has a wetness indicator. Combine one of these with a stuffer and you're unstoppable lol But thats just my opinion.

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