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Thread: So excited! : D My daddy is coming to visit!!!

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    Default So excited! : D My daddy is coming to visit!!!

    My long distance boyfriend is coming to see me in a little over a week. He has known about my diaper fetish and about me wanting to be treated like a baby. Over cam I have even dressed up in footie pj’s and my paci, and called him daddy. He loved it. ^^ Anyway he suggested that during his two week visit, we should have a few days here and there where we just relax and stay at home. During those few days he says if I want to I should dress up and be his sweet little girl. I am absolutely thrilled right now! He says he wants to bottle feed me, and snuggle me, and play with me, change my diapers and everything! : D I never thought I’d find someone who would ever do this for me. But yay! Anyway I just am a little nervous about having him change my diaper and things. Mostly excited but a little nervous he won’t like it. How can I tell if he doesn’t like it so I can call it off? I wouldn’t want him to do this just to please me. He may end up really enjoying it though, so if he does that’s awesome. :3 How should I prepare for these most wonderful few days, and what are some activities I might plan to do with my daddy? :3

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    Sounds like fun! however maybe you should have a safe word that is none baby related that you can say or he can say to stop. just in case it gets awkward. but he he said he wants to diaper you then it probably won't bother him. as for activities look on google for "father and daughter activities" to get and idea. good luck! and be yourself!

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    That's a brilliant idea! ^^ I certainly hope it doesn't become awkward. : P I think I'll have a tea party! : D

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    How exciting!!
    Maybe you can also watch cartoons together, color, play games, go to the park, see a movie, etc. There's tons of fun stuff you and your daddy can do!
    As for diaper changing, I think the thought of diapering can be more awkward than the actual changing process. After the first change, talk to each other about how you felt about the experience and go from there.
    I know the first time my boyfriend diapered me, I was a little nervous, but that feeling quickly went away. He actually likes changing me and I love it!
    Good luck, and have fun!

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    Thats great! i wish i had a mommy to do that i feel alone sometimes

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