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    Default going on holiday

    i am going to Spain this year in august and wanted to know is anyone from the uk or outside of the UK

    the question i wanted to ask have any of you taken nappy's abroad with u if so is it ok to or will my bags get searched i was going to put them in my main luggage

    let me know what you think

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    Well, there's nothing against the law about taking adult nappies in your suitcase... more likely to be an issue if you go through security wearing one, of course they will accept it's for a medical problem but there's a risk of an embarrassing body search.

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    I just came back from holiday, but left the baby stuff at home. Dam no fun!

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    well we are going with her parents so i will only be able to wear at night as they dont know

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    At the airport, they scan them via X-ray. Unless there is anything to suspect i.e. drugs or dangerous goods then there would be absolute no reason to search through the main bag. I would like to take them away with me too but the risk is far to great, good luck.

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    Hi CrawleyDL.
    As a regular traveler of the skies I can confirm that taking your nappies will be no issue. Any bag you check-in will only be inspected as said above if they strongly suspect something. But that is all done later on, and there is no connection between the bag and it's owner. Only challenge can be when customs decide they want to check you out just as you leave the baggage collection belt area. I have had that and they do go through all your belongings. My tip here is: seal the nappies in a non-see through bag and tape it up a little. If this bag check happens, when they remove all your items, nobody will know they are nappies in there. I have been stood at that examination table red faced as people walk by, with half full packs of Tena out in the open. Not anymore... You can also whisper to them, that you have medical supplies in your bag. They are generally professional.

    For traveling with nappies in hang luggage, this is more risky as these bags are checked and opened much more often, and when you are standing there with it! Again, if you need to carry them in hand luggage, do as above with sealed non see through plastic bag. Again, if they start feeling the package, explain "medical supplies". They sometimes seemed more embarrassed about that than I am! Haha

    Happy travels!!

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    I took my nappies from the UK to the US, no problems. i was more embarrassed about my teddy and dragon, there was no way they were going in the baggage hold so i took them in my hand luggage which was checked, however the security folk were very nice, even asked what their names were! i was scared they might think i had hidden drugs or explosives inside them and that they might hurt them ripping them open to see inside, but i guess that's what x-ray machines are for, ide actually be interested to see what Theo and Puff's x rats come out like, i wonder if it would show Theo's heart (he has a little heart thingy sewn up inside him)

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    You should find it easy to carry all the diaper supplies you choose on your trip. When I returned from London I was lucky to have several bags of Tena Maxi Slip which are my favorites. Customs did check my luggage and it was easy with no problems. Good luck on your trip.

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    I got rather embarrassed at Heathrow when I returned from holiday. I had a half opened packet of Abena M4 nappies and a pair of princess plastic pants. Needless to say me and my gf were rather embarrassed when the Officer pulled them out of our bags and placed them on the bench, just as what felt like a million people walked past. We just looked at each other, went rather red, explained to the official what they were for and she took it with a rye smile!

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    thanks for all the replys i will keep them in my main luggage

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