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    Smile nursery themes

    hi im curently bulding my nursry and was wondering if any one has any theme idias to help get me started

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    I know there's a lot of disney stuff like Lion king or winnie the pooh, but in general just get stuff you like.

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    Are you looking for paint ideas or stuff to put in it? Girl or guy?

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    You can get stencils in hardware stores and art stores, and use them on furniture, painting furniture and painting bunnies and ducks, etc. You can also buy blankets with themes like Winnie the Pooh, or Cars, etc. They make toddler print curtains and rugs for the floor. I think the sky's the limit here.

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    Google "nurseries" and see what you find -- the best way to plan it out is probably going to be looking through photos of actual nurseries. Here's one I really like. The black accents are super chic. But it's a very gendered color scheme, and if pink isn't your thing it's a little nauseating. What gender are you going for? Masculine, feminine, neutral, something completely different?

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    First think of what your favorite babyish thing is like winnie the pooh, disney that sort of thing. personally if i had the chance to have a nursery i would choose hello kitty since i love hello kitty best of all. i also like disney princess's! so whatever you like.

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    Hmmm...I would like to put in a vote for Care Bears. I know that CB-themed items are pretty easy to find, and you would be able to choose the ones you feel would provide the best array of colors. ^^

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    I like Disney Princess theme....start by painting your & purple And then you could stencil gold crowns on them! Add princess curtains and bedding! You can get 'decals' that peel off for walls and windows (I've seen the in the dollar store)!

    Or Hello Kitty...start with PINK walls...and stencil bows all over...and then add Hello Kitty curtains and bedding and decals and so on. :-)

    Or or or...LOL there are dozens of's up to you what you like best!

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