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Thread: Do you like to wear socks?

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    Default Do you like to wear socks?

    When I was younger I almost always wore socks but now i find myself taking them off when i go to bed either because its hot or they feel weird.

    What is your sock preference? On or off?

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    hmm,it varies! i usually sleep without socks on since I poke my feet out of my covers. I have to be insanely cold to put socks on :3 I've been like this since I was a kid.

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    I love wearing socks, I have hundreds in various colours and patterns. Sometimes depending on my mood and temperature I will even wear socks to bed.

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    I wear socks like almost all the time. I wear socks to bed because my feet get cold. During the warmer months I will occasionally not wear socks.

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    I always have socks on. I'll sleep with them on, but only if I can't be bothered to take them off.

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    No, I could never stand to sleep with socks on even since I was a kid.

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    24/7 sock wearer, the one exception being when I shower. It's cold in my house and I can't afford to turn up the heat It's not too bad, though, because I really really like socks anyway

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    I wear socks ONLY when i am about to put shoes on, or if i am visiting someone else's house. If i am at home for more than 5 seconds, my shoes are off followed very closely by my socks being off. And i don't put socks back on until moments before putting shoes back on. NEVER NEVER EVER would i sleep in socks, unless maybe i was at a camp out or something.

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    I wear socks casually. I mean, if I'm at work or going out of course I have 'em on. For some reason however, when I lounge around I have this habit of taking one off and leaving the other on. Wierd thing is that I never remember taking it off...

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