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Thread: Will be leaving Adisc for a while

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    Default Will be leaving Adisc for a while

    Hey guys,

    Im sorry for the sudden departure, but I will be leaving adisc for a while, I have some personal things going right now, and I just need to relax and just take a break from things. I still love ab/tb/dl and its community and Adisc has been great to me, Im glad I have met some really good nice people around. Its just with school and work, and other things ,I just need a break from things. I may come around every once in a while so mods please dont ban me or anything. I want to thank all the people I met on here for making me accept this side of myself, I wish you all the very best, and I hope to get back with you guys very soon
    Until Then
    Later Peeps

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    I remember seeing some good contributions and good advice coming from you during my time here.. I commend anyone who knows when to tend to the other parts of his/her life when needed, rather than numb the issues with something else. Good luck and come back soon!

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    Good bye for now, TKing. We will still be here when you can devote more time to participate again. Please do visit us as often as you can. Take care.

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    Good luck hope everything gets better and come back soon.

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    Lots of members come and go for various reasons, so don't worry. Your account will be waiting for you. If I was a working student, I'm sure I wouldn't have much time either. As it stands, I work two jobs and have some other chores to do when I get home, so my time is limited as well.

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