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Thread: How do you tell someone?

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    Default How do you tell someone?

    I just moved in with my grandmother, and she has no idea about me liking diapers. I'm afraid she'll find them on her own, though. Plus, I feel guilty not telling her. I don't want to have to hide things from her... I just can't work up the nerve to tell her. I've printed out the FAQ thingy from here and Understanding Infantilism and I have all of the information that I think I need to show her... but I don't know how to start. Do I just randomly come out and say it? Do I tell her I need to have a "meeting" with her? What do I do? I've told people before, but not people I live with. They all reacted fairly well, but I don't know how my grandmother will react. The guilt is just eating me and... I require advice.

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    Do you really want to tell her... What are you going to gain from it... What is she going to gain from it... This can go very wrong very quickly and make living with your grandmother very tough. Just my thoughts though, but I would avoid telling her like the plague.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fayte View Post
    Plus, I feel guilty not telling her.

    I don't want to have to hide things from her... I just can't work up the nerve to tell her.
    Oh come on. I doubt you mind keeping lots of things private from her, and other people too. Do you let her know, or yell out the window, every time you're fapping? Nobody wants to know about that. I don't see why you wouldn't treat this the same way.

    I've told people before, but not people I live with. They all reacted fairly well, but I don't know how my grandmother will react. The guilt is just eating me and... I require advice.
    It's really weird that you feel guilty for not telling her. I know other people say the same thing but nobody has ever given a satisfactory answer to me. It's telling of.... something.

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    We have a member who recently told his grandmother and it went very badly. He had to back track and say it was a joke, or something to that end. I think she completely misunderstood what we are, and was really offended, so I would caution you against telling your grandmother.

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    I don't care how much you think you know someone you will never know them all the way. I thought my parents were understanding and I was dead wrong about it. Three months of therepy and estranging myself from them almost permanetly was the result. There are somethings people do not need to know about you. Your not hurting her by hiding it. It's your own mind playing ticks on you making you think things that through an ice cold eye don't make sense. I wouldn't tell her because if she had a similar interest would you really want to know about it?

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    Don't tell her! I could never tell my family without them threatening me with a commitment to an insane asylum. Most grandmas are old school. I vote crinkle quietly and if caught claim incontinence. In fact, if you insist on her knowing, print out info on incontinence and explain that. I was outed as DL against me will and it was the most horrible feeling in the world.

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    Most people do not need to know what underwear you are wearing. I agree with the earlier discussions and would have to ask why does she need to know.

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    Alright. I'll take your advice and not tell her. For now, at least.

    & @ Point... I don't fap. So... xD

    Thanks, guys. I appreciate it. :3

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    I agree with the majority. If she's snooping in your stuff then if she finds it she finds it. But there should be some privacy. Unless you want her to buy diapers, ect for you dont tell her.

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    I think maybe the more important question you might want to spend sometime considering is: why do I feel the need to tell her so badly? I can understand where you're coming from on that matter; I am not faulting you whatsoever. Yet, it sounds like maybe the issues of guilt might need to be addressed before you can comfortably go into being more open about the matter around her.

    It's this more personal issue that is likely gnawing away at you and thus you feel the need to open up to her in order to find validation. If she were to accept this side of you, then you wouldn't have to worry about the guilt anymore. However, as you've seen in the above responses, there is a very real chance she might not be so accepting of your 'little' side.

    If you were to sit down and look internally at why you feel this way, you might be able to alleviate the need to seek validation from her. Getting comfortable in your own skin will go a lot further in the long run. Of course, it isn't something you can simply realize at the snap of your fingers. Also, it's not as if you will never want to tell others ever again and nor should you; it's fine to open up to others you are close to. However, it should be done because you WANT to, not because you feel the NEED to. Through being more secure in yourself, you will be able to shift towards this former mindset more often than the latter.

    This isn't to pass judgment on her. Obviously, you know your grandmother far better than any of us do. She may well be the sort of loving and nurturing figure who would embrace this aspect of her grandson with open arms. Yet, you must also be prepared for any other possible outcomes.

    Best of luck in which ever you choose. ^^

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