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    Smile Alo!

    So, I've been trying to write this introduction for a while now and I have writer's block (). So I'm just gong to brute force my way through this . I've been an infantilist since I was eight(?) so it's been about ten/eleven years. It's more about regression and comfort than anything else.

    The thing I enjoy most to do is bowl! I've been a bowling just as long as I've been an infantilist. I have an average that fluctuates between 200 and 210 out of a max of 300. I bowl in tournaments often and at least earn enough to break even. I'm also a sports fanatic. I'll watch any sport: football, basketball, college, NASCAR, and hockey. My favorite teams are the San Diego SUPERCHARGERS and the San Antonio Spurs.

    I'm also huge on debate; I enjoy having intellectual conversations. I'm actually really glad ADISC has a particular section for that. I also love music: dubstep, hardstyle, jumptstyle, etc. But I'm not bound to those genres strictly. As a matter of fact, my favorite song is Globus - One Truth which is pretty far from electronic music.

    And I also am a brony. I absolutely LOVE ponies.

    So anyway, hello!

    ^That wasn't really that hard when I stopped thinking about it so much.

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    Haha, welcome to ADISC! Your name is pretty interesting, by the way. ^_^ Infantilism is entirely sensual for me too- it's about regression and the comforting feelings that comes with it. I bowl occasionally, though I'm not very good.

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    hows it going? welcome to adisc!

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