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Thread: How long?

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    Default How long?

    I was wondering, how long do you stay in a wet diaper? How long is too long?

    I'm currently wearing an ABU medium sized Cushies and it is wet... How long should I stay before I change? I'd love opinions!

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    Hour tops. That's the maximum anyone should stay in a wet diaper. I know it's all nice and it may stay warm longer, but it can really damage your skin.

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    I think it is hard to say how long you should be in a wet diaper.

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    Any idea of when it will begin to smell? I did use baby powder but I don't want the living room smelling bad...

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    I myself sleep in Cushies about 6 hours but i powder & use cream before head, and make sure you shower and wash well after wards.

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    It's late at night and I don't want to wake anyone, so no chance of a shower... Should I change now then?

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    That would be a judgement call When I have diapers, I usually stay in them for... well, God, hours. I'll wet, then just relax as I get on here or whatever. Sometimes I'll wet before I go to bed, then go to sleep in the same diaper.

    Again, this is a judgement call. If your start to feel some tingling "down there," it's time to change and get some baby powder and/or lotion.

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    When you begin to smell it, change, because then it can go away, but if you can strongly smell it, it's a tiny bit too late for the smell to fade on it's own quickly.

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    When you can feel it tingle and smell is a good sign for a diaper change. The longer you wait the more likely you will have a diaper rash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachu View Post
    I think it is hard to say how long you should be in a wet diaper.
    I have to agree. My diaper starts getting wet almost as soon as i put it on.

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