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Thread: my first kills

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    Default my first kills

    im a british paratrooper and at the moment im at camp bastion in afghanistan im a quatre way through my tour im only at camp bastion for a week then i go back into helmand province and last week i killed three talbian fighters and two taliban ied planters and to be honest i dont feel any different what is every one thoughts on this

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    your not supposed to feel diffrant, killing in such a manner shouldent affect you anf if anything you should be proud of what your doing.

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    i am proud by killing them i have saved lifes especially by killing them taliban ied planters

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    I find killing wrong in any manner... Defensively or offensively, it makes me feel depressed knowing there is war. ; ~ ;

    How someone manages to lift a gun is out of the question... And having the gut to pull the trigger... > m <

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    If I was in that position I would view it as something that needed to be done. Not something to be proud of or distraught over. The job is to keep as many people safe as possible. If there are people set out to kill others due to various beliefs or they are pissed off quran's got burned (accidental or not), then they should be captured and tried if possible and killed if only necessary.

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    your not supposed to feel diffrant, killing in such a manner shouldent affect you anf if anything you should be proud of what your doing.
    I don't think it's right to say killing a fellow human shouldn't affect you. It's affected people countless times before even if they did it in self defense.

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    You did not do anything wrong because you were fighting to protect others, but death is a sad thing and it takes a strong soul to not be affected by takeing another humans life. I believe you are a good person and because of that I know you do not take joy in killing. A warior does not fear death, but he or she also does not disrespect death. Respect you kill because that is still a human and it does have a soul. It does not matter what they have done because after you take their life it is no longer in your hands. If you take pride and joy in killing you will inevitably become as dangerous and evil as the people you hunt. Remember, respect the dead because that is a common playing field we all will reach

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    Thank you for doing all that you do first off. I have three friends in the Middle East at the moment, exactly where eludes me. It's reassuring that there are two fewer radicals out there planting IED's. I don't believe the average person can comprehend how much damage to persons and equipment they cause.

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    I feel that soldiers in this day and age have the ability to desensitize themselves to killing an enemy because they are able to kill them from afar with a gun. It's a much more grusome experience to physically kill someone and feel the life fade from them, whereas pulling a trigger and seeing them drop is something we're, in a sense, training our children to not only become used to through first person shooters, but to feel gratified and accomplished upon doing it. I still think when you take a life, regardless of your means and reason for doing it, you kill a part of yourself in the process. What I sincerely hope is that you aren't just repressing emotions subconsciously to adapt to this situation you're involved in, because those can resurface and mess you up in the long run.

    Sometimes war is a necessity, and in that necessity, soldiers must be trained to think that they are killing an enemy and not a person. Because to think about the fact that you're taking a life when you're in the middle of a war is to hesitate, and to hesitate in war is to get yourself killed. So I applaud your efforts and thank you for ridding the world of terrorists, but be careful. Don't trivialize what you're doing out there. You don't get second chances if you're dead.

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    That's just how war works. Soldiers are ordered to kill. It's for the best that you don't feel any different, because there will almost certainly be more situations in which you'll need to kill, and it could come down to a situation where if you don't pull the trigger, the enemy will. Having that killer instinct is what will help you survive in those situations. The best possible scenario is to be able to end the day knowing you put in a hard day's work like anybody else who works for a living, because that's what keeps you going from day to day.

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    I think you may still be numb from the experience. Watch for signs of PTS. I've been shot at, (on the streets) and I couldn't talk afterwards. This may hit you later like a ton of bricks. Just remember that if you didn't kill them, they would have killed you. War is always an indication of failure, failure of people to do that which is right. There are bad people out there, people who would take our lives without batting an eye. When reason and logic fails, then only bullets get their attention. I'm not convinced that Afghanistan is our problem, but they do sponsor and house terrorists, such as the ones on 9/11. Watch your ass out there.

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