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    Hello all! Just a question for those of you that are mathematically inclined.

    Use the given data to find the best predicted value of the response variable.

    Six pairs of data yield r = 0.444 and the regression equation y-hat = 5x + 2 Also, the mean of all dependent variables (y with a bar over the top) is 18.3 What is the best predicted value of y for x = 5 ?

    I thought it was as simple as plugging in X... sadly, it isn't. :/ Anyone know what I could be doing wrong?

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    The answer is 18.3. An r^2 of ~.20 is horrible, and indicates a linear fit is a bad way of approximating your data. Thus, you'd do better to simply estimate it as the mean of your sample.

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    Errg statistics is so nasty. Almost as nasty as

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