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Thread: at last a serious, responsible, honest and no nonsens site about abdl!

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    Red face at last a serious, responsible, honest and no nonsens site about abdl!

    I have a fetish to plastic pants since I was 5 years old. Like many others I thought I was the only one, but than came the internet. My fetisch is no problem for me. I've seen several sites about this matter, most of them area bit silly (man asking for a woman to diaper them etc.), but this one looks very good!

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    Welcome! I'm glad you like this site, 'cause I sure do, too! :P What do you do in your spare time (other than diapers) ?

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    Thank you! At least one reply. I do cycling, sailing, walking in the nature, mountains. Funny that an AB from the USA replies. This kind of communication is new for me. I wonder why you are interested in what I do in my spare time.

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    Hello a DL from Australia here We just like to know a bit about people so we can relate to them better. It's better to know that your a real person that loves walking, cycling and sailing than a faceless robot that doesn't... Or something like that :P

    But welcome to the forum!!!

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