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    anybody had a conversation where you say how cool diapers are by speaking as if it was a joke, even though it's not?

    I just had one texting a girl i like and it was pretty funny, i said bathrooms were over rated, and diapers are a lot cooler. Along with other conversation that went into it. Afterwards she said, "so aside from diapers, what else are you up to?" It made me laugh.

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    I do that all the time!!! They think I'm just joking because I joke around a lot and have a wacky sense of humor and I use it as a way to discuss diapers. I totally get a kick out of it but I have to be careful not to joke too much for fear someone might catch on lolol...XD

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    Sure, recently I was looking apartments with my best friend and we came across one near a huge drugstore, and I told her she should move there so she could get her diapers without going too far =O she blushed and I kept bugging her for a bit =P.

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    I do stuff like that with a lot of things. Mainly diapers and being gay though. It's always a great way to get a better understand of how the person feels about the topic. And like babykk34 said, I have to be careful not to do it to much as to give people the wrong impression.

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    I used to joke about it a lot when I was a kid to my friends, before I even realized that I liked them. But not really any more.

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    Hehe this happens so me all the time, I joke that 'real' gamers use diapers and I get a laugh, usually I am wearing whilst talking :p

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    LOL what an interesting concept, I have never come across a situation like this but I suppose I will now be on the lookout for them. o.0

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    No but I did accidentally type to my friends best friend that I made my boyfriend wet his pants! The message was suppose to go to an an/dl person but the chat windows got mixed up accidentally. My boyfriends friend was all wtf and I said it was a joke to get out of it. Boy was I embarresed lol

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