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Thread: Making AB/DL clothing

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    Default Making AB/DL clothing

    I made a pair of overalls for my AB/DL bf. They turned out pretty good (complete with snaps down the legs etc.) My question is: We only roleplay the AB part once in awhile and I still want him to be able to wear them otherwise. Would you put something on the bib to decorate them up a bit? Or just leave it?

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    Just leave them as is that way he can wear them every day, after all who is going to see the snaps on the inside of the legs?

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    That was my thinking Just thought I'd ask some of the other experts here

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    Sounds awesome! I myself doa lot of sewing but haven't gotten around to adding snaps to overalls. Did you use snap pliers and if so what kind? I've been trying to find a decent pair, but it seems ilke all of them have bad reviews. I need some that could handle denim.

    As for wearing them, I say go for it. Personally I would like them baggy so the snaps don't bulge out around the legs!

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    I have made a few baby clothes from clothes I have got from charity shops, the easiest ones are the woman's bib and brace suits, with the short pants, as I put some elastic in the seams to make like a baby suit and go to the local market and buy the baby motif's as you can buy them to iron on or the sew types. I think you will have the charity shops also in the USA? as it is amazing what you can find in them and make in to baby clothes. But mostly it's the woman's clothing that you will find they are looking more babyish before you start to alter them, like you will find t-shirts with teddy bears on them and other babyish things, like the long night gowns with babyish things on them, and put some studs to close the bottom of the night shirt and you have a onesie. So the next time your in a shop think what you might be able to do with the clothing even short pants can be transformed in to a pair of baby pants, using some elastic! As we all know how much these baby clothes cost!

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