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    How many here are diaper dependent? I wear around the clock 24/7. Even getting out of the shower I will leak all over until I get a diaper on. There must be a lot of reasons why people are diaper dependent.

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    due to my urinary incontinence I have to wear 24/7 and have to wear where ever I go. Even to church, the mall, on a date, and when I finally start going to school I have to wear there even, and yeah. Even on a plane which I do hope the TSA will not give me grief about that should I ever get on one of those things.

    TSA = Touch Some *yeiHaW yeiHaW*

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    I started wearing nighttime diapers because I loved them (my wife thought they were because of problems after a surgery). After the time that I shouldn't of needed them anymore, I told her the truth and she let me keep on wearing them at night. After about 2 to 3 years of nightly wearing I became totally dependent on them, and can't go without them. My wife and I have fun with the diapers so it is no big deal.

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    That is cool Master Grandpa. Glad things gone well for you. Hope things continue to go well for you.

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    I am diaper dependent over night and during the day when there is no chance of getting to the toilet within an hour or so. The problem for me in the mornings is that I love my three large cups of tea. So taking a car trip of over an hour can be difficult. (Three large cups of tea is about a pint and a half.)

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    I am also diaper dependent i wear 24/7 need a diaper on every moment also.

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