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Thread: Back again.

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    Default Back again.

    So I'm back. I was formerly known as GabeIsWinning to those of you who may remember me.
    I relapsed back into ABDLism AGAIN having quit AGAIN and failed AGAIN. Frustrating, but I'm embracing it. So hi! Again :P


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    I don't think this is something you can just quit. I think it is part of who you are so it is best to just embrace it. I think others may agree.

    Anyway, welcome back.

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    Welcome back. Yes, I would just take it a day at a time. It is an odd practice, and it's not unusual to want to quit. Just remember that you're not hurting anyone should you wear a diaper. Be a good person, and a supportive friend to someone. Don't worry about the diaper wearing, as everyone has some sort of kink. Being a good person more than outweighs a kink or two.

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