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    Do most diaper wearers like to feel warm wetness and bulk between their legs? Many diapers will not feel wet like Tranquility ATN.
    Do you like to wick away the wetness in your diaper?

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    For me feeling that the diaper is wet it pretty nice :-) I like a lot the bulk between the legs, the diaper becomes even softer when it's thick after a wetting. When you sit or walk, it's like having a small cushion on you all the time down there.
    However, I like to change quickly if it's really wet. To put it in a nutshell, I like when the diaper is wet but not when my "parts" are wet.

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    I like the firm bulkiness of a freshly wet nappy, it's all held within the nappy but you can feel the warmth close to you. I like to get plenty of use out of them but when I can feel the surface wetness on my skin it's getting towards time to change it. Similar to the previous poster then really!

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    I forgot to mention the warmth which is indeed a nice feeling!

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    I love having my diapers wet and warm between my legs. I like it when they get soaked to the point that I feel really wet.

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    I'm not sure what you mean about ATN being an exception to this concept because every ATN I have ever worn feels very wet and bulky after wetting them (less wicking than store brands). Bulk can't be avoided; when you add moister to a diaper it swells up. Some diapers are better than others at keeping skin dry, but even that is not usually as good as they claim. Warmth is also a relatively temporary effect of wetting diapers which become clammy and stale shortly thereafter. Diapers are wonderful righter after wetting (providing you are not being very active) but not too long later the nice is gone (for me anyways) and there is just a cold, wet, and bulky garment around my waist.

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