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    Why hello again! I feel my initial intro was how you say...a little lackluster. Now that I don't have a roommate constantly over my shoulder playing the "Hey whatcha doing?" game, I felt this to be in order. So let's get the obvious out of the way, I'm a DL and don't really know anyone in the community, so this is my olive branch.

    Now that that has been cleared, time for Fun Fact's v.2021!
    1) I am a nerd, there are many like me, but this is me.
    2) I have 14 years of Pokémon catching experience.
    3) I have spent the last 7 years trolling /2 in Azeroth.
    4) Sir Auron is the best Final Fantasy character. Period.
    5) The Steeler's shall rise again!
    6) Jim Butcher, Michael Crichton, and J.R.R. Tolkein are some of the greatest
    fiction authors of all time.
    7) South Carolina is a great place to extended visit, but I miss my Rockies.
    8) I am simply subsisting until midnight on December 14, until I engage in
    an unexpected journey.

    So that's the Cliffsnotes version of what I'm all about. I'm always open for discussion and looking to make some new friends!

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    Welcome from another Carolina resident. I live right on the border between NC and SC and am pleased to welcome new folks from my neck of the woods.

    May you find as much here as I have.

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    Hello, Yevonite, and welcome!
    I'm originally from SC and a fan of Jim's Dresden novels. Jury's still out on the Furies.
    Can't say much about Azeroth, I've been clean for five years now.
    Where in the Rockies? Anywhere near Longmont?
    Poke around on the site and meet people. Remember, there's more going on here than just diaper talk!

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    I'm honestly not sure where Longmont is unfortunately, I lived just outside Boise, ID.

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