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Thread: thinking about weating 12/7

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    Default thinking about weating 12/7

    Thinking about wearing at night... Thoughts??? I used to wet the bed and I miss the comfort and sense of security of a diaper at night.

    Also is Baby Pants, Adult Size Baby Products reliable??? Thinking about spending some of my tax return on a onesie and some plastic pants for wearing at night and some Training Pants and a nuk5 pacie just for fun

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    I've been wearing at night all nights for about 2 months now. I love it. Had to adjust my shower routine to shower in the morning but besides that I love it. I think I sleep a lot better not having to get up and use the bathroom ever.

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    I love wearing at night, nothing better than to put on a diaper and chillax for the rest of the night without having to get up for the bathroom. And like roob said you'd have to plan on a shower in the morning before starting your day but I prefer it that way anyway.

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    I wear every night and yes I have plastic pants from baby pants. I like the milk white ones very comfy, here is the link
    Baby Pants, Adult Size Baby Products

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    I once went a whole year sleeping every night diapered and barring mess baby wipes make the morning clean up quick. Now I sleep diapered weekends and when I feel like it. I'm currently depressed over my cat's illness and haven't missed a night in months. I do not recomend setting a goal like not missing a night for a year as it caused me stress and took the fun out of it at times. Plan instead to wear whenever you can enjoy it.
    Best of luck!

    Plan on changeing diaper types almost every night as wearing the same ones every nite leads to sores where they chafe. Variety is the spice of life!

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    Wearing at night is probably one of the most convenient things ever. You never have to get out of bed. (:
    But during summer they can get hot and chafe. So meh.

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    I wear at night but I spacing it out with my work schedule and putting my wife on her dialysis machine. Normally I wear Wednesday and Friday night, as well as Saturday.

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    i've been doing this for several years now. it's fun and relaxing, and i haven't ever had any trouble if i have to spend the night undiapered for whatever reason. there'll always be situations like going camping with friends or staying over at someone else's house where diapers would be a big inconvenience, so i'm glad i still do without if i need to.

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    I wear diapers 24/7, i wear my diaper at night,once in a while i wet it, feels so good, definently reccommend it

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