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Thread: hi i'm new here

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    Default hi i'm new here

    Hello i'm Bobafett1762 and i'm new here.

    My interest in diapers is mostly recreational. I also recently found my furry side.

    My interests are video games such as Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. As well as anything Star Wars but all this is when i'm not at work. My job at Honeywell is veery fun.

    What i'm looking at getting from this site is some like minded people to talk to. I also would like to get some knowledge if i ever need it.

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    Pleased to meet you, I am. I use to play WoW but quit just before cataclysm came out. I felt it had changed too much from the game I fell in love with, and I needed to find some other things to do with my spare time (go figure). I had a 80 fury warrior and 70 warlock on the server magtheridon. I then transferred my warrior to another server that I can't think of the name of at the moment. I loved that game, I'd still play it if I could go back. What toons you got?

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    i have an 85 druid as my main toon as well as a 45 hunter and a 63 DK for now. They're all on Sen'jin realm

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