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Thread: How far back in your childhood do you remember.

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    Default How far back in your childhood do you remember.

    The earliest memories of my childhood goes as far back as 2 years old. I quite vividly remember years 3 and 4. I remember walking through my old house and exploring every nook and cranny. I can almost exactly recall what went through my mind as a child in every step of my childhood. I also recall the sharp disdain I felt when it came time for toilet training when I was near 5. At the time, I didn't want to lose the feeling of being diapered, and as it would seem, those memories would eventually lead me here.

    A few days ago, I asked several people about how far back they remember. The general consensus seems to be about 4 years old for their earliest memories. So, I thought I'd ask here.

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    I do recall various snippets from around three years of age. I can remember climbing up onto the changing table in my bedroom. Also, whenever we would go shopping, I would spot other kids my age who were still in diapers and grow quite jealous in the process.

    Perhaps the most detailed memory I have related to the throws of potty training. My mom and I were shopping at a mall and we entered a shop selling knick-knacks and greeting cards. For some reason, I became obsessed with this one greeting card in on the rack. To this day, I remember that it had a Norman Rockwell painting on the front, the one of a kid at a malt shop. I thought I was wearing a diaper, so when I felt nature call, I just fell into the habits I always had. Well, needless to say, it was too late before I realized I was in training pants. Mom wasn't exactly happy.

    That's about all I can remember. Every now and then, I'll get other bits and pieces. However, those are the ones that really stuck with me.

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    I have some memories of being diapered and i even remember being in my stroller. it was green plaid.

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    When I was about three I remember playing with a McDonald's kitchen set at my first babysitter's house. I always loved playing with kitchen sets for some reason, I was thinking of going to culinary school at one point a year ago. I think her house was on a water front too because I remember sitting on her lawn which was a huge hill that went down to the water.

    My next earliest memory was when I was about four and I had one of those battery powered jeep things, it was a Big Foot monster truck though. I was driving it on the driveway and decided to turn back because I realized if I kept going I'd run out of power. Those things were so fun! I'd always blow a fuse going over hard bumps.

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    I remember back to when I was about 5, but I don't remember anything at all before that. I don't have any memory whatsoever of being in diapers.

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    I think i remeber from a dream that I was in the back of carriaget attached to a bike. Not sure if i was flipping with a photo albulm first before I had the dream or what

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    I'd say about 1 1/2 when my mother took me to the library in the city which we used to live and the one I was born in. I remember a long walk way with a handle which I believe now was a wheelchair ramp. I then remember a time when my mother put me down on the bathroom vanity/counter top to change my diaper. After that she walked to the toilet with it. ( I wore cloth diapers ) I also remember the potty training process when I was about 2 1/2 where I had pooped on the floor and my mother making me clean it up (I wasn't happy about that but I eventually did) Most of my early memories are flashes and bits and pieces but I seem to be able to remember things fairly well from about 3 years on.

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    My earliest memory is when I was about 6, this was right before I was taken out of day time diapers.

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    No, I have no memory being diapered at early age. My earliest memory when I was 3, but it had nothing to do with diapers. I do remember bits from age 3-6, then I remember fairly well after that. I usually have very good memory. lol

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    My earliest memory is from when I was being babysat, playing in a crab doing the play whine thing. I was carried out of the crib and told if you want to act like a baby.... I was diapered on the living room floor with other kids watching and put in the corner. Talking to my mom about it years later I found out the reason she quit taking me to the babysitter was because she wanted to get paid early because her neighbor was out of diapers. This leads me to believe that this happened at the neighbors house and then things happened after I was punished in a diaper. Mom never knew about what happened to me and said that it made sense. That is when she told me about the neighbor being out of diapers. After that point there is a block in my memory until preschool so I was probably 3 to 4.

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