It just occurred to me where some of these desires might have started for me as an AB/Dl, and I would like to get some feedback on the idea.
From the time i was born until I was 7 our family did a lot of moving, my father was working in the Air Force as a civilian and we would be transferred pretty often to different bases. One time when i was too young to remember, (my mom told me this story) a month after we moved to a new home, I cried to my mom that i wanted to go home. My mom told me that we were home, but I apparently was referring to our old home.
Also i remember that from our last move before my dad quit the Air Force, there was a girl that i had a crush on, and would actually hang out with quite a bit, we would actually sit together on the bus and play with plushies together, it was lots of fun . When we moved i remember having a very deep sorrow that i would never see her again, and wishing that someday i could, I have actually looked on facebook out of curiousness if i could ever find her, just for fun, never did, but you can see that i had quite a bit of puppy love towards her.
Do you suppose that moving could have been a leading trauma?