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Thread: whats your fav song

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    Default whats your fav song

    mine is its alright ok by ashley tisdale

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point View Post
    Men Without Hats - Safety Dance [Official Video] - YouTube

    I think this has been the third 'favorite song' of mine this week! La la la la la


    To the topic at hand:

    Meh. It's too hard to pick one, so here are my favorite songs by my three favorite artists.

    Bruce Springsteen-- The River
    U2-- Elvis Presley and America
    Counting Crows-- Raining in Baltimore

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    There are soooo many great songs I just canīt make a decision.
    Iīll say Sound of Silence! No, wait, Shape of my heart! NO NO NO, The Last Unicorn! Imagine! Paint it Black! No...and so on....
    But seriously, itīs impossible to tell.....Mad World!

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    I agree with ShadowHare, I don't have one specific favorite song. There are soooo many great genera's and bands out there, that it's asinine to say one song is better than another. But everyone likes what they like, and there's nothing wrong with that. What we need is a "Last Song" thread XP

    TTTTTTEAM KILLER ! - Chrispy & Krypton
    Chrispy & Krypton - Team Killer - YouTube

    Save The World - Swedish House Mafia
    Swedish House Mafia - Save The World - YouTube

    ^ Whenever disaster strikes, these will be the dogs to save the muther fuckin' world.

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    Steven Wilson -- Raider II
    It's a 23-minute progressive rock song with some really cool jazz feels and some harder, more metal-like parts. It's been my favorite song for a while now, so I didn't have any real problems picking this song (for now).

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