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Thread: Diaper Rash?

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    Default Diaper Rash?

    I doubled up last night, wet the diapers like 3 times, didn't use powder, slept in them, and didn't get a rash. Normal? I worry for when i get some real diapers and soak them and wear them for many hours straight I might try the same tactic and it won't work...

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    You won't always get a rash...but at some point you'll get one and know its a pain and try to not reall get one again...

    It's not the end of the world...just an annoyance


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    From my experience I don't normally get diaper rash if I've just wet in my diaper. Unless I leave it on for a long time. Of course everyone is different but usually it happens if you have both a dirty and wet diaper. What I do if I know I'm going to be a dirty diaper for a long time (Such as at night) I use a diaper rash cream Balmex being one, it is kind of a pain to put on but it sure beats the alternative

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    Sleeping in a wet nappy won't ever give me a rash. Out of curiosity I've actually been trying to get nappy rash over the past few days and it seems almost impossible! (Other people aren't so lucky with indestructible skin, though.)

    When I got a rash, I used some Bepanthen nappy rash cream and it cleared up almost instantly. I've never tried any other creams (not that I remember, anyway!) so I've no idea how they compare, but I'd really recommend Bepanthen if you're worried about rashes...

    Have you voted in my poll on nappy rash:


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    Not at all surprising. Try that same approach with cloth and it might be a different story as the wetness is kept closer to the skin. Even then, just overnight isn't too likely in my experience to cause any problems. Everyone's skin is different but you'll learn quickly enough.

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    Diaper Rashs are kind of randomized oneday you might not get one for wearing like 24 hours.
    Then you try the same thing next week and you might get one.
    From what I hear they are not pleasant AT ALL.
    So don't be mad you don't have one.

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    It depends on ability of diaper that how much liquid it can absorb, so always use good quality diapers.

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    Also depends on the current condition of your skin and how clean you're keeping yourself. You could think of spending time in a wet diaper as "wearing down" your skin. If it's in good condition, it'll tolerate it for awhile but not forever. If your skin's already borderline, you'll get a rash. So just keep your skin as healthy as possible and try not to press your luck. Shower daily, clean up between changes, and you will avoid most rashes.

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    It is not unnormal to not get a diaper rash from a wet diaper with no powder. Un like me i get diaper rashes quite frequently about 2 a month they do not feel good.

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    I think it's more the whole "Wow I have a rash that I KNOW I got from wearing diapers. I'm so little..."

    Sort of thing. I am still trying to experience it despite trying a couple of times

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