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    Knowing many hospital diapers are very poor quality do you bring your own diapers to the hospital? If you are a bedwetter do they just diaper you? If you can change yourself do they let you? I certainly do not want that catheter again as it makes leaking worse and not to mention infections which i have heard are common. I have received the large bag of blue diapers when they put me in a hospital bed last time that were not too bad and I just diapered myself. The full bag of diapers was on the night stand and everyone could see them. What are your experiences with diapers in the hospital?

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    When I am in the hospital the supply diapers for me but I tend to bring my own as the hospital brand are not very good. they encourage patients to change themselves and often times they only came in to change me when I asked them too. Only once did they change me when I didn't ask and that was because I had messed my diaper in my sleep. I usually need help changing while I am in the hospital and they usually very good about helping me out.

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    When I had my appendix removed, the doctor accidentally nicked it and it ruptured. I was in there for a week to recover, since I was in too much pain to move (or so I made it out to be ;3) they just had me in diapers for that week. John Muir medical group also decided to get really good diapers too.

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    Last year I was in a car accident and when I woke up in the hospital they said I had broken my back and had severe stomach injuries. I was very surprised when I woke up with a diaper on and my brother sitting next to me. When I asked him about the diaper he said he told the nurses I would like diapers more than a catheter. I also noticed I was wet so I pressed the nurses button and told them I thought I wet myself. They said I was soaking and to just wait a minute. They came in with a new diaper and changed me it was a long process because of the broken back. But yeah that was my first and only experience with diapers in general. (I have been a DL since I was 4 though)

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    Most hospitals are very familiar with diapers.

    They do tend to use cheaper diapers and change a lot.

    After my car crash I was unable to stand for many months...and in hospital didn't want catheter...more reasons than just infections...but that is a different story...but yep diaper it is.

    When in there they did change me at first...blew my rotator cuff in accident ad budged a couple of discs as well...

    Ad I was on plenty of drugs...I don't even remember most of the time...but do remember some times waking up getting changed...was weird...

    Weird of all was waking up tied down to the bed...apperantly I was not a model patient...

    I'm a sleepwalker anyhow...but was appperantly a bit pissy...don't remember it but I guess I banged up a couple of people there...

    I've been ic at night for ever...yep since I can wearing wasn't anything out of the norm for me...but getting chnged by a stranger was different...too bad I don't remember everything...


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