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    So my mom knows about DL personality but she bought me diapers but it was just a depends starter pack. How can I tell her I want pampers cruisers size 7? Or should I get some other adult diaper instead of baby diapers?

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    She does want me to lose this desire so I have to be careful about what I say

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    I suppose you could just tell her you want pampers. This is assuming though that you can fit into them. Quite frankly I think most people would be flabbergasted if a parent bought them, or anyone for that matter, bought them diapers and wouldn't complain. And if she wants you to "lose the desire" then why did she buy them for you? If you don't mind my asking.

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    She thought that if I tried them I would see that they aren't that great...she also wants me to go to a psychiatrist to help me with my "problem."

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    It might just be best to get them on your own. Things like wanting to take your kid to the psychiatrist are one of the bigger reasons why often times people dont want to tell their parents that they like diapers.

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    I think I would like to go to the psychiatrist it would be a person to talk to with no judging and a person that I could talk to about being a DL/TB without the risk of anyone else knowing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freddy View Post
    It might just be best to get them on your own. Things like wanting to take your kid to the psychiatrist are one of the bigger reasons why often times people dont want to tell their parents that they like diapers.
    I have to agree, just start buying them yourself and tell your mom "I found out I didn't like them all that well." She should drop the psychiatrist thing and forget about it, and even if she finds the diapers you have been buying, just tell her your body is going through a lot of changes and you have found it difficult to hold your bladder overnight (Wetting the bed.) Even if she google's this, 95% of the internet will say the same thing. Although bed wetting may not be the most common among teenagers, it is defiantly heard of and a common enough thing for teen overnight protection to be available at a lot of common stores. This is the excuse I gave my parents and the internet confirmed my claim and they believed me. I wish you the best of luck with your parents, I my self can't wait till I move out so I can really embrace being a TB/DL

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    If you are willing to see a psychiatrist as penalty/payment for getting diapers, then I would tell her when your adult ones about to run out to ask for the pampers size 7. I would also explain as xtremekiller said about your body going through changes and wet the bed (if you actually do it a couple times it might also reinforce your story for your mom to keep buying diapers for you. - If she wants to stop, start buying your own and keep it secret.

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    Don't think of psychological help as a punishment. Having someone to talk to is healthy and can really be a blessing. Your mom might want this interest to go away, but that's not how therapists work (unless they are the fundamentalist church types -avoid those types like the plague); they may advise things you might not prefer but in general they will only want to help you accept yourself and live a happier more productive life. With all that said however, you should know that I have only been to a "family therapist" and that was only once to help my brother. I do think that it is helpful and certainly beneficial when you are young and/or just starting out in abdlism, but I am no expert.

    Because your mother is willing to buy you diapers (very rare and fortunate I hope you know), then I would try to be open and diplomatic with her about your interests. If you want pampers 7, then tell her but do so respectfully and try to make it a conversation rather than a request (or a demand). Tell her why you want them and establish some intended ground rules so that she isn't as freighted or upset by the request.

    Maybe show her this site or some others (see below) and let her know that you appreciate her support but that you don't think this interest is going away any time soon. If you have money (or access to it via chores, birthdays etc) then I suggest buying your own diapers so as not to put too much pressure on her. Don't be super sneaky about diapers, but she also doesn't need to know every time you are wearing and she certainly should ever have clean up after you. Keep them private, but open to conversation.

    Good luck.

    Understanding Infantilism

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    Your are very lucky to have the support of your mom. Being thankful for the diapers she bought you is a great start. When everyone finds out you are who you are and you may not ever change this desire for diapers things may change. You can only hope your parents accept you for who you are. Patience is the greatest virtue and you can always get the Pampers 7 but take what if offered for now.

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