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Thread: Who wears Plastic Pants

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    Default Who wears Plastic Pants

    Do most diaper people just wear plastic pants with cloth diapers? Is there a trend to wear plastic pants with disposable diapers? Are your favorite plastic pants clear, white, or colored? My favorite plastic pants are usually just the white but I am thinking of stocking up on clear plastic pants. I wear plastic pants all the time as it really helps protect leaks and gives me a better feeling of security and protection.

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    plastic pants are all part of the experiance, more so if you are of a time gone by!! plus less leaks. the feeling of laying on your back when they are pulled up is great.

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    I've been wanting to buy some just to give them a try . I wear disposables, so I don't NEED them, but they look fun. Do they by chance sell them at cvs, Walgreens, or any big name pharmacies ? Also are there sizes ?

    Much thanks, TheSpecterPrincess

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    Plastic pants are meant to be worn over cloth diapers, not much point over disposables as they've already got a plastic backing.

    My favourite colour is frosty clear, they look grey from some angles.

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    When I wore cloth diapers I wore plastic pants over them, just one pant, as folks normally do. Leaks around the legs happened and I put up with them. Leaks from the top of the diaper happened in bed once in a while, and I put up with them.

    When I switched to wearing disposables there were leaks, but since I already has plastic pants, I tried those and found you need something under the plastic pant to absorb the leak. I found a lined plastic pant online and wear those often. My preferred pants are terry-lined vinyl-covered polyester. These catch all leaks from the disposables. Never has a leak gone beyond the outer pant. That's the peace of mind and security I'm looking for. I'll put up with the expense and the small bit of bother.

    I was at a meeting with some folks last night, for instance, and began to wet my diaper. For a moment I got the old, "Uh oh, hope there's no leak" thought, but was able to put that out of my mind in a second, because I had on the outer lined pant over my disposable diaper. Sitting on a soft cloth couch not my own, and in a group of people I respect, it's nice to have this leak-proof guarantee.

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    I wear white plastic pants over disposables my self and they have actually helped with leaks, when I never expected them to.

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    Don't tend to wear them a lot but they can be an extra bit of protection for slight leaks from a disposable.

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    I wear plastic pants over any diaper, obviously you need them for cloth diapers but they stop leaks really good on disposables when they are at their max

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