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Thread: as if I couldnt do any more to my audio

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    Exclamation as if I couldnt do any more to my audio

    Yes, I could. and I have

    Setup 11!

    highs - 1 KLH outdoor speaker, 1 Allegro outdoor speaker (both 40w ones)
    High/mids - 2 Pioneer Blue label 6.50s in 1cu.ft. boxes tuned to 45hz
    mids/midbass - 2 Pioneer White label 6x9s in 1cu.ft. boxes tuned to 60hz
    midbass/bass - 2 Acoustic Research AR4X
    Bass - 2 MTX Thunder 6000 10s in a 3cu.ft. box @ 56hz
    Subsonic Bass - 1 Audiobahn AW120XS Excursion series 12 in a 4cu.ft. box @ 30hz
    Highs amp - Soundstorm F100.4
    Mids amp - Lightning Audio B3.200.2
    Lows amp - Pioneer 780w Amplifier (cant find model number)
    Subsonic amp - JBL Crown 601.1 Monoblock Class D amplifier

    Power Supplies

    1 115w power supply (12v @ 2a)
    1 180w power supply (12v @ 9a)
    1 300w power supply (14.4v @ 16a)
    1 450w power supply (14.4v @ 30a)

    ** power supplies that do 14.4 are the CEA compliant ones that are best to use with amplifiers, the other 3 power supplys were recently added to the concoction.

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    Looks a little scary, but impressive in scale at least. (And far better than anything I managed to muster in my teenage years.)

    What are you using to cross all those speakers over? I use a Behringer CX3400 for prototyping my crossovers, but there are plenty of similar devices around.

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    Sweet!That should shake any loose shingles off the roof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fifigal View Post
    Sweet!That should shake any loose shingles off the roof.
    Trust me, it already pisses off his neighbors, I've seen his "old" setup with this madness shingles will meet destruction!

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    Nice. Thats all I can say. I must build a stereo of equal awesomeness or go better!

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