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    Yesterday I went to have a flow test done at hospital as part of the investigations into my bladder problems. I had to attend with a full bladder and after decided that it would be wise to wear a nappy incase I had an accident while waiting. Currently I wear a nappy every nights, but in the day time only use pads or pull ups depending on how near a toilet I will be. As I knew my bladder was going to be really full I thought a nappy would be a good idea to avoid the risk of wet pants. All went well with the flow text, I pulled down the front of my undies and nappy and managed to give a good sample, I was bursting. However I forgot that they were going to scan my bladder after I had peed. I had to lay down on the bed and pull my pants and nappy down so the nurse could do the scan, I tried my best to cover the top of my nappy with the waist of my undies, but it was clear I was wearing a nappy. This was very embaracing, only my wife has seen me in my nappy, apart from when I was a kid. The nurse just took it all in her stride, I presume she sees lots of adults wearing nappies. After the scan I pulled everything and left. Afterwards I realised that I should have just got on with it, I have a condition that means wearing protection, I'm not embarraced when I wear glasses, so at least with medics, wearing a nappy should just be part of my condition. When I go for my next tests, I will try not to hide my nappy, but just wear it like any piece of clothing.

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    I doubt if the nurse gave it a second thought. I have been in that position and it is embarrassing - but only for us! I have got a bit used to these kind of examinations and find it best to let the medical staff know that i have an IC issue and then either I stay diapered or they are prepared for any unwanted leakages if not. It is tough but if you let them know there is not going to be a problem.

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    I had that problem at the doctors office I was extremely embarassed but realized that they were medical professionals and the nurse just smiled at me and said 'better than an accident' all I could do is give a shy smile

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    Butterfly Mage


    If you are going to the doctor for a problem with your bladder and you're wearing a diaper, I doubt any doctor wold find it unusual.

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    If you act as this is normal for you and you do not care then no one will notice or be bothered one bit. Tey will be used to nappies/diapers for bladder problems.

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    .....and i once knew a nurse who wore a diaper because of the long shifts and her small bladder capacity - all the people treating you are human and all will have had a toilet emergency of some kind sometimes in their lives. Don't let it get to you its the least of your problems - or will be unless you worry about it too much.

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    Sometimes you just have to be good to yourself. Consider security and protection for yourself and do not worry what the professions think. They see diapers all the time and think nothing about it. I aways wear diapers to my medical appointments and nothing is ever said.

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    Thanks - I think I will just have to be brave, if I am wearing a nappy, then it's OK for the medics to see. I just need to get on with it.

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    When I first has to start wearing diapers, I too was scared going to medical appointments diapered but now that it's been a few years having to wear diapers 24/7 I have accepted it. I feel if someone in the medical field has a problem with me wearing diapers then they need to get of what they are doing. I have it on my medical records that I am not to use Foley Catheters, so when in the hospital its diapers only unless I am knocked out 24/7. I don't go to any medical appointment with out my diaper bag even. I sometimes get a look for having a bag with me but since my diaper bag looks like a computer bag, most don't even think about it. So if you wear diapers don't worry about going to any medical appointment diapered. Be yourself and so what that your underwear isn't like what they wear.

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