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    Default I told.

    So after much debate with myself, I just recently told my girlfriend about this side of me. We have been going out for little over a year but she was very understanding and excepting with it. She did ask a few questions which I was happy to answer.

    I dont know if anything will come of it, but I dont want to overload her with stuff or push her to doing anything with me that she is not comfortable with.

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    Congrats on your good result! I don't know if you wanted advice, but here's mine: since you just told I'd let it sink in for a little while. If she wants to ask you more, I'd let her come to you. Maybe in time she'll approach you about it.
    So did it seem like she was just tolerant of the idea, or that she'd be willing to help you out with it from time to time?

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    I did plan on letting it sink in, and told her that she could ask me about any questions that may arise in the future. I think that she was more just tolerant of the idea, but she did say that if I ever wanted to talk about it more we could. So I don't expect her to participate with it at all right now, but that could change with time.

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    never hurts to ask. but do it in small steps and also make sure you make it fun for her, or do something VERY NICE for her ever time she plays along!!! "ie: flower or two". Worked for me I also would make it a point to get just her off after or in. "but my girl likes that" so try the flower thing 1st!

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    Yay! If only I were brave enough to tell someone. xD I love how she was all accepting- that makes me so happy, since I often hear about the negatives. :/

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    she was and is ok with it, she also has a diaper on right now!!! even a wet one dancing if front of me to a song on the radio and she is just doing it because its fun. not showing off lol!!!!!!

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