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    Default baby diapers

    any one know what the best baby diapers to buy

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    Pampers size 6 maybe, but tbh most baby diaper are to small for grownups. I'd get either drynights or go online and get some adult diapers

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    I prefer Pampers. Pampers Baby-dry size 7. The reason is that they are easy to modify. Plus I prefer their smell over Huggies.

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    The Huggies Over-nite diapers hold the most for me. I keep buying them as inserts or as some say a booster pad.
    They are available in size 6 and size 5 depending on your size needs and budget.

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    Ultra Pampers, of course!

    Seriously, Luvs have the same fragrance as Pampers from way back--I'd suggest them for that reason alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishguy View Post
    thanks ill keep looking
    best of luck with that Irish guy babies diapers/nappies here in Ireland are very small at size 6. You would have to be pretty spindly to fit into these previous post suggested drynites I haven't tried them but the huggies range do a pull up for 10-15 year olds for bedwetting try these I have tried before and they fit. However not well able to cope with large amounts of liquid. I have been there and done that..

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