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Thread: found plastic back depends for 12 buck

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    Default found plastic back depends for 12 buck

    there at my local cvs. Its my 3rd adult diaper i ever tried. I use to baby diaper and the baby look. But these feel comfy and i grew up on solid white huggies when i was a baby. Designs did not appear till potty training age

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    Guess that those are the Depend Maximum Protection, I've tried them as well. I would suggest not taking them to the max, as the leg guards are not the best at times. It seems as though they tend to lay down when wearing, and you might have an occasional leak.

    (From personal experience, they tend to leak more often when sitting.)

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    Depends Max are not that bad for me during the day. I use a Pampers 6 as a stuffer or booster and they hold a lot.
    Have fun.

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