Hey everyone! Finally got the balls to make an account after a month of lurking...

So great to have a site finally where I can talk about my... interesting... side!

Just a bit about me:
Highschool senior, currently on track for a Java development computer sciences degree with a focus on mobile platforms (Android), a mountain biking fanatic, Brony (if you couldn't already tell by my avatar), furry (although I'm more on the fence, I'm coming in from the bronies side) and Eagle Scout.

Anyway, if any of you are on Google Plus, go ahead and add me! I'm usually always online and my friends on there Rainbow Dashie and Andrew George are also in my ABDL circles!

I guess the real reason I'm here is the same as a lot of people... I'm tired of carrying around this secret that I've had to keep for almost 15 years now. honestly, other than those two above, you are the first to know that I am an ABDL and Babyfur...

Anyway, just wanted to check in and say hello before I get to posting. Thanks!