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Thread: how was your first time in a diaper

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    Default how was your first time in a diaper

    how did u feel when u wore and used a diaper for the first time after u were potty trained and how do u keep your diapers a secret form your parrents

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    Quote Originally Posted by matlat90210 View Post
    how did u feel when u wore and used a diaper for the first time after u were potty trained and how do u keep your diapers a secret form your parrents
    I was 14 when I got the chance to use diapers again. I had purchased a package of Goodnites when they were available only in packages of 9 and I hid them in my closet behind some stuff. Wearing and using them for the first time since I was 5 was quite the pleasant experience. Goodnites started leaking on me so I stopped using them and opted for the diapers with tapes when I was 15 starting with the Depends Max Protection. I'm almost 27 and make little attempt to hide them now other than keeping them out of plain view as they're stored in my dresser.

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    I was 4. I tried on a pair of my sisters. She caught me and went running to tell mom. I took them off immediately, but have wanted to wear them ever since.

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    Not long ago was my first time I use to use a towel(didn't *use* it) now since I found adisc and free samples I'm good. Diapers turn me on so do ankle boots/braces. Idk y. I found places in room to hide and only wore at night or wore clothes to cover up during day

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    Similar story here. When I was 4, I was wearing my sisters plastic panties when playing parents and babies with her. She was wearing cloth diapers with soft and shiny plastic pants when going to bed until she was in her early teens. I was very envious of my sister wearing baby diapers. Today, a great many years later, I wear my own cloth diapers and plastic pants when going to bed.

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    I was about 6 the first time I wore one after I was potty trained. My parents had some friends who have a son who was 2 at the time. I found one of his wet diapers in the trash, took it upstairs to what was my play room at the time, and put it on. It barely fit (and it didn't help that the diaper was causing me to have a certain reaction "down there" that I was too young to understand at the time) but I did get to wear it for awhile, and I loved it. I tried to hide it under my bed so I could wear it again, but I got caught and it got thrown away.

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    I also half-inched my sister's nappies and took them to bed (when I was 4 or 5-ish)... and got caught every time!

    Then, I started with makeshifts aged ~14, but I'd only wear them at night when my parents were staying at friends' houses and I had the place to myself.

    Then, I discovered that adult diapers existed when I was about 22, but I wasn't living at home then. I just wore at night when everyone was asleep, or when everyone was away and the house was empty.

    When I moved back with my parents, I'd wear at night sometimes and would keep them on till I had a shower -- sometimes I'd go downstairs in the morning to get a drink and bump into my parents (and, after a particularly revealing hug once, I kind of suspect my mum would try to hug me to see if I was wearing... I think her suspicions were confirmed a few times, and after that she backed off from trying to hug me if I was mysteriously "not in the mood" {i.e. wearing a nappy!})

    My parents were pretty cool and never really brought it up (I did everything I could to keep it out of their faces, and kept myself & the house clean, so I guess it was never a big deal to them... however weird they thought it was!).

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    four years old. and it was absolutely wonderful. I remember peeing in them almost without thought as soon as I put one on, and I knew then and there that I didn't want to be out of diapers. I didnt know why, and I still don't, but it was wonderful. still is.

    my brother had just started potty training, so he still had plenty of diapers. I don't remember really when exactly I first had the desire to wear them, but I get the feeling that I never wanted to be out of them. I was apparently pretty difficult to potty train, so my mom says. I remember just deciding one day to steal a few of the diapers, since I thought nobody would notice because my brother wasn't wearing them all day every day anymore at that point. I never got caught directly by my parents, that I remember but my little brother did see me in one of his diapers once, and he did tell my mom, but she never said or did anything directly to me about it. I get the idea though that my mom knew the whole time. when I started wearing them again at 16, I know for sure my mom knew, but again, never said anything. she knows I wear them 24/7 and whenever I am at her house she always has a few abena diapers available (this isn't as strange as it sounds, because she takes care of my disabled grandmother, who needs them) if I need them. I can't say wether she really understands or totally accepts it all, but she seems to always have been, because she has apparently known since I was four.

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    I was around 14 and I don't know about anyone else, but for me it felt a little odd. Like something I wasn't supposed to be doing. But I still kinda liked it. Probably because I took the diaper from the nursery in the church. I had it shoved down my pants hoping it wouldn't fall or that someone would notice. I got home and put it on and knew I had to do it again.

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    I just bought my first pack of diapers since I was potty trained yesterday. The first time wearing felt soooo amazing. It was like heaven unfolded. When I wet it I just felt right. I keep them a secret by hiding them in my suitcase for when I go places and putting blankets over them in case anybody was snooping.

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