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Thread: My luttle review on the Cuddlz Nappy from the UK

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    Post My luttle review on the Cuddlz Nappy from the UK

    I am wearing a Cuddlz Nappy but not overly impressed with the design of the nappy itself ie-

    I feel the outer leg gathers need to be more elasticated, and run higher in the front and back to fully enclose the leg areas. Also the internal leak guards need to be fully elasticated along the whole lengh of the nappy, as to ensure total protection. For me they stop on the back side (soo the elastication is only in the crotch area), its not leasticated under the wrinkles of your lower part of ur bum, there for it leaks even when not fully used. Especially when sitting down or laying down and no real containment around the back or your legs.

    What do you think of the design of this rather good attempt to produce an Adult Baby style nappy

    Happy nappy dayz...

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    Their drydayz are now my favorite diaper. As I have said in a previous thread they remind me of the old Dry 24 7 diapers for their design and absorbency.

    The leg gathers aren't as elasticy as some other brands of diaper, yes. It still creates quite a good seal around the legs (As long as you get the tapes right) good enough to stop little leaks and not allow cool air in to make you feel cold and sticky.

    The leak guards are only needed to stand up near the front. They are only needed for while you are peeing to stop anything going out the side. As soon as you have, its been almost instantly absorbed, so no matter where abouts the liquid is inside there now, its not going to leak out. If you are saying you get leaks when sitting down, you either failed VERY badly at putting the diaper on, or the diaper is so full it can't absorb any more, your weight is pushing the liquid back out, and you need to change.

    In my opinion, these are some of the best diapers you can easily get in the UK. I would recommend them to anyone. If you look at the diaper and you think it looks full, you just leave it on, a few hours later its still swelling getting bigger and bigger.

    The only fault I have with them is mostly my fault - I decided to see how long I could make one last, and managed from 5AM to 8PM (15 hours - And I took it off when I felt it getting nearly full, could have probably got another 2 or 3 hours before getting near leaks) I had been out and about all day, had been running quite a lot, and when I changed out of it I had a rash. Its my fault though I have really bad skin, very sensitive. It was mainly the leg gathers rubbing against the inside of my leg.

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    I use cuddlz all the time They leak every now and then. Any chance anyone who uses them all the time could give me instructions on putting them on right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InternetKillTV View Post
    I use cuddlz all the time They leak every now and then. Any chance anyone who uses them all the time could give me instructions on putting them on right.
    there is an adisc article on how to put on a diaper. just click article link at the top left of every page.

    Because the cuddlz diapers dont go as high its important you get the front and back of the waistband to be level. lie down on a hard surface and get them level, then do the 2 bottom tapes, stand up, pull the diapers up a little further if they will, then do the top tapes. you wont be able to get the top tapes tight because the waistband is stretchy.

    Remember to run your finger around the leg gathers and pull them out a little. if a bit has got folded inside it will make it easier for a leak.

    IKTV - You say they leak and have done more than once. How long were you wearing one for?
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