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    What type or style of LG or sissy shoes do you own? If you can't fit into a girls size, what would you like to be able to wear, if you could?

    Me, I'd like to be able to wear the Skechers "Twinkle Toes" as they are so cute, but I can't fit into them!! Also, a cute pair of Mary Jane's would be nice to have!!

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    I'm TS (TG), so I wear women's shoes because they're "my" shoes...I have flats, and I go to Payless Shoes for the most part.

    Mary Janes are awesome, for sissy or regular girls.

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    I like wearing flats that have the 'mary jane' strap on the front, close to the toes. I think it makes my feet look smaller and they're so cute! And I have a pair of red shoes with the 't' type strap down the front of it. It'd also be nice to have some lolita style shoes, they're really sweet and girlish.

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    I like to wear flats or marry janes, and sometimes T-bar style but T-bar are a bit harder to find. They are normally very light and pretty cute. The only thing is i dont really like to have bows on them. Hard to wear them out with a big honking bow on front.

    Here are some that i have Flats or Marry Janes - a set on Flickr

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    I've got huge feet (even for a guy). Even so, with some searching on the internet, I've found plain black mary janes in my style. Finding anything stylish is next to impossible. I do however have both regular ballet slippers and even pointe shoes (there seems to be bit of support for the xd community in certain of the NYC ballet suppliers).

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